The Best Charging Accessories 2021: Power Banks, Chargers, Cables

Best Charging Accessories 2021: If your phone, tablet or laptop runs out of charge, it doesn’t matter how powerful they are. There are many options for fast chargers, wireless chargers and external battery packs. But it is important to choose the right one for you. You might not be able to take your laptop’s battery with you everywhere. The charger that came with your phone may not be the right one for you. While wireless charging pads are fantastic, some charge at slower speeds than others.

Below are the top charging accessories for your gear.

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1. Anker Nano II

The new Nano II charger from Anker is roughly the same size and weight as the original power adapter Apple included with the iPhone. However, it’s much quicker. This small charger can charge up to 65W (watts), so it’s powerful enough to charge a MacBook Pro.

The new Nano II has been tested and proved to charge an iPhone, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro just as well or better than the original power adapters. We can’t believe how small it is and how fast it charges. It’s so good that we recommend gradually replacing all your chargers with the Anker Nano II.

Buy: Anker Nano II At $39.99

2. Monoprice Lightning to USB Type C Cable

A Lightning to USB-C Cable is required to connect any iPhone or non-Pro iPad to a fast charger adapter such as AUKEY’s Omnia. Monoprice’s 6-foot-long cable is braided for increased durability and certified MFI (Made For iPhone or iPad). The accessories from the MFI program have been specifically designed for Apple gear and will work with it. Two of Mophie’s Lightning-to-USB-C cables have been my favorites over the years. They’ve held up well despite being used daily.

Buy: Monoprice Lightning to USB Cable (6ft). At $11.49

You can also find braided nylon USB-C-A to USB, Lightning to USB, and USB–C-to-USB-C cables on Amazon for around $20 per piece.

3. Nomad Base Station Pro

Nomad’s Base Station Pro, which is wireless charging over cables, is the best tech accessory.

The 8.7-inch charging pad can charge up to three devices simultaneously thanks to 18 charging coils. A standard wireless charging pad has only one or two. This charger is a great choice. Our devices charged quickly and we didn’t have to worry about them being in the wrong place, which is sometimes a problem when using single-device chargers. The Base Station Pro is capable of charging iPhones and Android phones, wireless headphones, and some tablets.

The charger performed flawlessly during our testing. However, Nomad is determined to make it even more useful by releasing firmware updates that will improve its performance. To ensure compatibility, these updates are usually released at the same time that new devices are released (like the iPhone). Nomad’s Base Station Pro can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously and takes up very little space.

Buy: Nomad Base Station Pro At $199.99

4. Satechi Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Station

Apple has recently introduced MagSafe, a new charging technology that allows you to use a magnetic charging pad instead of a Qi charger.

The 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Stand by Satechi is the first accessory to use this technology. It worked well in our tests. We were able to hold the iPhone 12 Pro Max securely with the magnet, and could tilt it to better see the screen.

The Qi wireless charger is located at the base of this stand and can charge two pairs of wireless earbuds. Two devices were charged simultaneously and there was no reduction in charging speed. Satechi’s MagSafe charging station can only charge an iPhone at 7.5 watts. MagSafe chargers that work twice as fast, but are much more expensive, cost twice as much.

The Magnetic Charging Stand by Satechi is the best choice if you prefer charging stands over charging pads and don’t mind having to align your iPhone perfectly on a Qi charger.

Buy: Satechi 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Station At $59.99

5. Nimble

Nimble’s Champ Portable Charger, a reliable (and eco-friendly) power bank that you can grab and go with, is the best choice.

The battery pack weighs less than a play card and is just half a pound. It holds enough juice for an iPhone 12 times. You can charge up to two devices simultaneously with the USB-C or USB-A ports. If you need the fastest charging speed, use the USB-C port.

Although portable power banks are not new, Nimble’s Champ is a great choice because of its outstanding performance and small size. It’s also made of 72.5% postconsumer plastic, and comes in a plastic-free package. This charger performed flawlessly when we tested it.

Nimble’s Champ Portable Charger from Nimble