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The Best Brunch Outfits: (What to Wear to Brunch)

Fun and stylish brunch outfits

When it comes to casual get-togethers with friends, brunch is definitely a favorite. After all, who doesn’t like debriefing with their best friends about life, careers and men over coffee and croissants? Of course, in the age of Instagram and Snapchat, what we wear to brunch (as well as the food on our plates) is almost always documented. It is therefore natural to want to look good. But coming up with cute and comfy outfit ideas isn’t always easy. Fortunately, we have the inspiration you need. We’ve rounded up loads of fun and stylish brunch outfits for you to try.

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What is a brunch outfit?

Brunch is a late morning meal that basically combines both breakfast and lunch. It is a popular weekend activity for friends that usually takes place in cafes. A brunch outfit is a set worn for this specific occasion. While there are no hard and fast rules on what to wear to brunch, most women aim for a chic yet laid-back aesthetic with comfortable, fashionable clothes.

What are brunch outfits

Brunch outfits

Winter brunch outfits

A winter brunch or date can be a fun way to get out of the house without spending too much time outdoors. But, while the cafe will likely be warm and cozy, you’ll need to cover up to get there. As such, a thick sweater, jacket or coat is a must. For a simple and chic look, consider a camel coat teamed with jeans and a t-shirt. If you want to inject a little more excitement, add a winter-friendly print like a leopard or plaid pattern.

Winter brunch outfits


Summer brunch outfits

A summer brunch calls for an outfit that will keep you cool and chic. As such, loose dresses, skirts and shorts made from lightweight materials are an excellent choice. To keep your look fun and fashionable as well as practical, embrace prints, bright colors and playful accessories. For a look that’s sure to get a lot of likes on your Instagram, try pairing a floral maxi dress with espadrilles or slides, skinny sunglasses and a straw bag.

Summer brunch outfits


Casual brunch outfits

So it’s Sunday morning, and you’re feeling a little uneasy from the night before. Naturally, the idea of ​​dressing up for brunch isn’t too appealing. What you need is a comfortable, casual outfit that’s also cute. Fortunately, achieving a casual and chic look is easier than you think. All you need are sneakers, jeans and an oversized sweater. Alternatively, you can try a loose t-shirt dress or wear sweatpants with a sleek coat over them. Don’t forget to add great accessories to create a carefree and cool aesthetic.

Casual brunch outfits


Formal brunch outfits

Heading out for a fancy brunch? Wear an outfit that is both elevated and relaxed, such as an unstructured and feminine suit in a light tone or a chic dress. Then add kitten heels and smart accessories. The result will be an outfit that’s both formal and relaxed enough for mid-morning.

Formal brunch outfits


Sunday brunch outfits

When it comes to dressing for Sunday brunch, it’s important to feel comfortable and look chic. Of course, having a little fun with your look is also recommended. After all, this casual meal is the perfect opportunity to rock a bold new outfit. So don’t be afraid to show off your style with vibrant colors, fun prints, unique designs and playful accessories.

Sunday brunch outfits


Brunch Outfit Key Elements


Want to wear your favorite jeans for brunch? This is not a problem. Whether your favorite denim style is skinny, straight, boyfriend or mom, you’ll be able to rock a chic and casual brunch ensemble. While there are many ways to pull off the look, pairing your jeans with a casual shirt, plaid coat or blazer and low block heels is one of the best.

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Jeans brunch outfits



For a casual and cool brunch outfit, you can’t miss patterned trousers. Patterned pants, such as plaid or houndstooth, are great for creating a fashionable look. To rock them in a casual way, choose a short or wide style. Then pair them with a basic t-shirt, boots and, if the weather is cool, a trench coat.

Pants Brunch Outfits



When it’s hot, shorts can be a perfect choice for brunch. In particular, denim shorts are a fantastic option, as long as you wear them well. To make sure your look is Instagram-worthy, dress up your denim shorts with a chic top, sleek block heels and a cute handbag.

Brunch Outfits Shorts



A dress can make a chic and stylish option for brunch. Of course, to pull off the look, you have to consider the weather. In fall and winter, stay warm and cozy with a loose sweater dress and long boots. In spring and summer, stay cool in style with a flowing floral maxi dress or a feminine ruffle dress paired with heeled or flat sandals. If the morning chill is still hanging in the air, throw on a denim jacket over it.

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Dress Brunch Outfit



Whether you’re going to brunch with your best friend or your boyfriend, a chic skirt outfit can make a nice option. While mini skirts are ideal for the warmer months, a stylish midi can work all year round. In particular, a midi wrap skirt is a comfortable and fashionable choice. In winter, pair it with a turtleneck sweater and ankle boots. Then, when the weather warms up, swap your jumper and boots for a camisole and sandals.

Brunch Outfit Skirt


What to wear to brunch Tips

  • Aim for a chic yet relaxed aesthetic.
  • Dress for the seasons with light, airy styles in the summer and cozy sweaters in the winter.
  • For a casual brunch look, pair jeans with a t-shirt or sweater, sneakers and stylish accessories.
  • For a formal brunch outfit, try a light-colored unstructured suit paired with low heels.
  • Have fun with your brunch outfit with patterns, bright colors, trendy designs and playful accessories.


How to dress for brunch?

Brunch, a late-morning meal, is one of the best ways to meet friends and catch up; it’s also a chance to show off your cute look. There are no rules on what you can or cannot wear, although your choice of restaurant may give you a better idea. That said, most women opt for a chic yet relaxed aesthetic, such as a loose dress made from a lightweight material and paired with playful accessories. Or, for the cooler months, a neutral coat teamed with jeans, ankle boots and a t-shirt. For a more formal outfit, opt for an unstructured suit with small heels,

What are you wearing for a fall brunch?

When it comes to finding the perfect brunch look, you need to dress for the season. Fall is a time of transition, which means you can layer up to keep yourself a little warmer. You can wear your favorite jeans, ankle boots and a chunky knit, or wear a t-shirt under a classic trench coat.

What do you wear to brunch in the summer?

Summer is the perfect time to have fun with your outfits, so let it be the season when you embrace bright colors, vibrant prints and fun accessories. Loose-fitting dresses look effortlessly chic, while skirts like a midi skirt or wrap skirt are flattering and easy to dress up or down. Choose lightweight fabrics to keep you cool, and complete your look with a statement bag, sun hat, and sneakers or slides.

What do you wear on a breakfast date?

A breakfast date tends to be less formal than an evening date, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. To achieve a feminine, flattering and super chic look, consider wearing an outfit with a laid-back aesthetic, such as a flowy dress and sandals. A sweater dress, shirt dress or even jeans and a tee with knee high boots are all fantastic choices in the colder months.


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