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The Benefits of Packing Services Over Self Packing

A lot of work is involved in the whole scene of packing and moving. Prior to moving, the most cumbersome job that has to be done would be packing. If you are planning to pack and move all by yourself, you need to plan for it weeks before the actual moving day. You need to buy the packing supplies that are essential during the purpose along with taking all the old newspapers and cartons in your backyard. But you must admit that the whole task is tiring with arranging all the boxes and tapes etc and you may realize that even though you have collected a large number of boxes, when you actually do the packing, you must be running short of boxes. Furthermore, many of the boxes do not match the size of your appliances.

Packing Services
Packing Services

All these reasons make you depend upon the professional Chicago movers for doing the packing and moving. Now you know why most of the people prefer moving companies over self moving. But it is not only the stress free moving that persuades people into hiring professional moving companies. There are many other benefits in hiring the services from a reputable Chicago moving company.

Professional packing company help you to pack up all your goods in a day’s time and this would help in saving lots of time. If you are doing the packing, you may need a week or two to pack your belongings. Hiring a moving company means lot of time to do other things than packing. The movers use proper packing supplies like boxes, tapes, labels etc in abundance and do proper packing depending upon the nature of the things. For fragile items, padded packing would be done and home furnishings and valuable clothing would be taken care in wardrobe cartons. China dishes would go in corrugated boxes with spaces for individual dishes. To be precise, the moving company offers custom packing for all your needs.

Moving companies are also open for some budget packing. Getting such expert service means you need to pay handsomely to these packing and moving companies. However you can also get partial packing done if you do not want full packing where the Chicago movers pack each and every item to be transported. In such a situation, they would offer the packing solutions for specific items like valuables, art and antique pieces, lamps and dcor, piano moving, fragile items etc. you can pack the rest of the moving items by yourself for saving some bucks.

Each and every piece of your furniture would be handled with utmost care by these professional moving companies in Chicago. The parts of the bigger furniture would be dissembled and each of them would be securely packed so that you can later find them intact and in place when you start assembling them at the new place. Yet another advantage is that the moving company would offer insurance for the things that are being packed. If any damages happen to items packed by them, the moving company is liable for paying any claims. Perhaps this makes them more careful and vigil during packing. Professional packers would also provide advice in taking certain non secure items.

When you decide that the right time is for you to move to a new place to continue with your life, you must have weighed all the pros and cons of leaving your familiar surroundings and diving head first into the unknown. You have your reasons for moving, you have your plans and dreams to start your life over, again clutter your home in search of happiness and a better future and you have the will to overcome any obstacles that may block your path selected. The question that bothers you is not “To move or not to move?” but “How to move successfully?”. You can find a lot of moving tips and expert advice on the most efficient and economical ways to get around, but when you try to put them into practice, you’ll find that a lot is easier said than done.

According to the old saying, when there is a will, there is a way. So, as soon as your move becomes just a matter of time, not a matter of “ifs,” you should start looking for a way to successfully prepare and organize all aspects of the arduous moving process. A detailed checklist will certainly prove to be your best tool for navigating the maze of moving tasks and procedures, so you’d better get yourself a professional checklist that will clearly point out all the essential things to do in the move. good order, so that you do not overlook anything important and do not waste time, effort and money that can be easily saved. However, when you take a close look at your checklist, you might be shocked to find that packaging is one of the most labor-intensive and delicate tasks that await you and that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. So before you even set your moving budget and start looking for movers, you should focus on one more basic question: “To pack or not to pack?“Too many crucial things depend on the answer to this simple question:

Whether it is to request a full-service move or not;
What additional services you will need;
How much time will you have for other important matters;
The amount of the final moving expenses.

Hiring full packaging services will give you more time but cost you extra money. Self-packing can save you a lot of money but can pose some risk and will require a lot of time and effort on your part. In order to continue with your moving plans, you must first make an informed decision on which packaging method will best suit your preferences and requirements – for make your own packaging or for hire professional packers.

Pros and cons of getting carried away

Packing your belongings yourself seems like the logical choice, as you will be able to sort your belongings and keep control over what, or and when pack his case. Also, the mere thought of strangers meddling in your personal items can make you anxious and uncomfortable. So, to ensure your peace of mind and to pack all your belongings safely and systematically at your own pace, you can opt for self-packing.

Benefits of DIY packaging

When you pack your house, you will benefit from:

Lower costs

Without a doubt, self-packing is the cheapest option, as you won’t have to pay for the experienced services of professional packers. You will not be billed yourself (and family or friends who can help you pack your things) for labor, so your only expenses will be for the proper packing materials. You can even find moving boxes for free from local businesses or use various containers (such as laundry baskets, buckets, travel bags, etc.) that you already own and are moving anyway. Also, you can still use old napkins or linens to provide padding inside boxes and newspaper instead of wrapping paper, as well as other great ideas to save on wrapping supplies. .

However, keep in mind that being thrifty has considerable drawbacks – the moving boxes you take from supermarkets may not be very clean or can easily break and damage the items packed inside, your makeshift padding won’t. will not be as safe or effective as Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap and newspaper can leave ink marks on thin materials. So even if you prefer to pack your things on your own, you are better off getting some quality packaging supplies, especially for more valuable and delicate items. If you are going to use the services of a moving company to ship your items, you can ask them to provide you with the adequate packing material, as well as their pricing for full or personalized services (you may decide that professionals will take care of some of the more complicated tasks, like taking down your bed for example, are worth the extra dollars), a list of unauthorized items that they won’t move for you, and any special requirements they have regarding prepackaged items (valuables should be declared, boxes should be secured with packing tape and labeled appropriately, etc.).

Convenient timing

Flexibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to reducing stress and ensuring a smooth relocation process. When packing your bags your approach can be very flexible – you can take as long as you want, you can start packing the items you don’t need at the moment long before moving day, you can Pack half an hour a day or eight hours straight, day or night – you can pretty much do whatever you want and when you want. Packing at a suitable pace at a convenient time will not only reduce your anxiety level, but also allow you to sort and group your items in a way that suits you and pay meticulous attention to detail in order to pack your belongings. personal safety. Needless to say, when packing your own belongings, you will always do so with great care, simply because they belong to you.

Significant organization

Whatever packing and moving options you choose to use, it’s generally a good idea to declutter your home and get rid of any items you no longer need. Once you have sorted your belongings and decided which of them are worth moving, you can group them according to their type, purpose, destination room, or any other significant factor for you. When you pack all of these groups of items together and label the boxes appropriately, unpacking will be really easy – you will know where to find everything you might need. In addition, you will know which boxes contain the essentials and you will unpack them first, so that you can immediately provide the basic necessities and comfort necessary for your normal lifestyle. You’ll be able to put away all the boxes with items you won’t be using soon, as you’ll have the time, energy, and inspiration to create the perfect design for your dream home.

Risks when packing yourself

The disadvantages of DIY packaging fall into three main categories:

A lot of wasted time – packaging takes a lot of time, not two ways. You should never underestimate the time it takes to pack an entire household – if you make this mistake you’ll end up frantically throwing your belongings into boxes at the last minute and the results will be catastrophic, of course. So, to properly package your items, you will need a lot of time. You will have the freedom to choose how much time per day to devote to your luggage and you will be able to appeal to your family and even close friends, but you will be wasting time that you can spend solving other important problems or enjoying your business. enjoyable activities.

Incorrect packaging – you will certainly be very careful when packing your own goods, but there is a good chance that you will lack the experience required for an efficient and fast process. If you are aware of the various risks that can threaten the integrity of your goods and the most common reasons why items are damaged in transit, you will probably take every precaution to avoid possible problems. However, you are not an expert and there is no way to familiarize yourself with the various peculiarities of the moving process that may pose a risk to your belongings. Fragile items (glassware, porcelain, electronics, works of art) in particular are very prone to damage, as well as heavy and oddly shaped furniture or appliances, specialized equipment, etc. Especially if you don’t use the proper packing materials like custom-made crates, anti-static peanuts etc., you can end up with a shipment of fragile items and ruined valuables. If your movers notice poorly packaged household items before loading them onto the moving truck, they will demand that the boxes be properly repacked at your expense. You will waste time and money in the process, of course

No liability – your movers will not be responsible for damaged items that you have packed yourself.
Common packaging errors
Do you think it’s safe packaging? Well, it all depends on the point of view …

Take the right steps to avoid the most common mistakes when packing for a move:

Start the packaging process too late;
Failure to provide sufficient and adequate packaging materials;
Pack all your goods without sorting them;
Do not create an inventory;
Pack any items you will still need before moving day;
Wrapping of prohibited items;
Packing valuables with your other goods;
Do not pack a box of essentials;
Do not label the boxes;
Make the boxes too heavy.

Finally, remember that some household items are too difficult to pack and move – large pieces of furniture to take apart, hardwired appliances, extremely delicate parts, etc. If you try to pack them yourself, you may waste a lot of time in the process, may not be able to reassemble them properly, or may even ruin them completely.

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