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The Benefits of HGH Therapy

The Benefits of HGH Therapy

Human growth hormone is essential to life. This is the hormone used in human pregnancy tests because the developing child puts out so much of it that it is detectable ¡n the mother’s urine. Growth hormone fuels growth during childhood. Children who don’t produce enough of it require injections so that they can reach a normal size. Growth hormone levels start to fall once we’re in adulthood, though they don’t drop to zero. The growth hormone is then used to fuel the renewal and repair of the human body. Yet many of us don’t make enough of it, and this leads to a number of side effects. HGH therapy is one possible solution. What are the benefits of HGH therapy?

Benefits of HGH Therapy

Maintaining Healthy Weight

One side benefit of growth hormone therapy is that it can help you maintain a healthy weight. One reason is that it encourages the body to grow and maintain muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and this increases your resting metabolic rate. This indirectly makes it easier to work out longer and harder when you’re older.

The growth hormone also tricks your metabolism into functioning at its earlier rate. This fights the metabolic slowdown that causes us to gain one or two percent more body mass every decade. Note that growth hormone does not treat every cause of weight gain. Consult with a doctor to rule out root causes like diabetes and thyroid problems before you start taking growth hormone. Only then can you safely start this anti aging therapy.

Delaying the Signs of Aging

In the fight with aging, growth hormone is turning out to be a potent weapon. Growth hormone safety stimulates the regeneration of cells. It won’t make your hair come back, but it slows the deterioration of our skin. The growth hormone will maintain your collagen levels and the elastin production that keeps your skin plump and tight. Lose this, and wrinkles start to form. You see these benefits without injecting yourself with toxins like botox or burning away the upper layers of the skin with the laser. You certainly avoid the risks and unnatural results from plastic surgery.

Improved Brain Function

The growth hormone doesn’t just fight the exterior signs of aging. It also fights the interior deterioration that causes all sorts of problems in older adults. Take growth hormone, and your cardiovascular system will remain in peak condition. You may stave off problems like impaired cognition, memory loss and poor concentration that we often consider a normal result of aging. An improved cardiovascular function can improve sexual performance, as well. For others, it simply promotes faster healing after injuries and surgeries.

Greater Overall Health

Growth hormone can stimulate the immune system. This reduces the odds that someone will become sick. It stimulates the renewal and strength of various tissues throughout the body. The growth hormone could help stave off the osteoporosis that leads to older women breaking their hips and other bones. We often think that they fall and then break their hip. In reality, the weakening bone breaks under their weight, and then they fall. Greater tissue renewal rates may or may not stave off arthritis; it does nothing in cases due to an autoimmune disorder.

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