The Addams Family Fans Celebrate John Astin on His 91st Birthday

Legendary actor John Astin is celebrating his 91st birthday and fans of The Addams Family star are joining in on social media. Known across the world as the first man to bring the role of Gomez Addams to life in the 1960s, Astin is particularly popular with fans of the classic sitcom. Hoping to see the actor having a great day to celebrate turning 91, fans everywhere are wishing him the very best on his special day.

“Happy birthday to John Astin, who played Gomez Addams on the 1964 Addams Family television series,” one Astin fan tweets. “Hope you have a great day!”

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“Happy 91st to John Astin, aka Gomez Addams,” another fan says, adding a photo of Astin’s Gomez looking rather suave.

A tweet from the Pop Culture Leftovers podcast reads: “Happy 91st birthday to the original Gomez Addams played by John Astin. *snap* *snap*”

Astin’s fans love him for more than just Gomez Addams. Posting a photo of the actor playing the Riddler on the classic Batman TV series, another fan says, “Happy 91st birthday to John Astin.”

Another tweet from a fan states: “Happy birthday to John Astin, born March 30, 1930 in Baltimore. He’ll always be Gomez, but he’s also fun in the very silly and too short-lived ‘The Adventures of Brisco County Jr’ with Bruce Campbell, ‘Evil Roy Slade,’ and more. Have a great one, John!”

Including the relevant screenshots, another tweet posted by Horror Seen says, “Happy 91st Birthday to the legend John Astin, born March 30th 1930. Here he is as Gomez in the Addams Family, The Judge in The Frighteners, Radford in Eerie Indiana and Professor Gangreen in Return of the Killer Tomatoes!!”

After starring as Gomez on The Addams Family in the 1960s, Astin returned to the role for the TV movie Halloween with the New Addams Family in 1977. Many years later, he revisited Gomez once again by voicing the Addams family patriarch in the animated series adaptation from the early 1990s. While Raul Julia would deliver his own iconic performance of Gomez in the live-action movies, Astin is still beloved by Addams Family fans everywhere who also appreciate the original series.

Astin has also been in several movies, including West Side Story, Freaky Friday, National Lampoon’s European Vacation, Teen Wolf Too, and The Frighteners. The actor had a recurring role in the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes movie series as Professor Mortimer Gangreen, another highly memorable character. He would also appear in the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch as a janitor, and when Gizmo sees Astin, the Mogwai even utters “Gomez” to reference The Addams Family.

On the small screen, Astin’s dozens of roles include appearing on shows like The Twilight Zone, Batman, Welcome Back, Kotter, Night Court, Tales from the Crypt, and Eerie Indiana. He also has done a lot of voice work for various animated programs, like Duckman, Recess, and Pinky and the Brain. As of now, Astin’s last role was as the voice of Uncle Dudley in the animated series Justice League Action in 2017. However he’s choosing to celebrate, let us also wish a very happy 91st birthday to John Astin!

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