The 8-Steps To Renting A Car From Groupon

The Groupon for this rental was originally only $30, but you’ll have to pay an additional Groupon Bucks fee of 5.95%. Groupon Bucks are basically Groupons that are given to you in lieu of cash for whatever reason Groupon deems fit. Also, if you do not use the Groupon within the specified time frame (54 days from the purchase date). It becomes invalid and Groupons after that will refuse to accept any payment through them.

Step #1: Find a rental car location near you

Choose one of your nearby Groupon rentals using their search function by entering the city, state/region, and country for your destination. Don’t forget to select “one way” if this is what you need! If you’re in the U.S., Groupon has car rentals available in all 50 states.

Step #2: Book your Groupon rental

Once you’ve selected your Groupon, it should give you an estimated price of around $50-$60 for one day ($80-$100 for two days). It is sometimes cheaper if booked on certain days, so check through their deals to see when is cheapest. If you choose something cheaper than Groupons are offering, they will automatically upgrade your reservation once you the voucher code with the purchase of this Groupon (i.e., if Groupons are offering a 2-day rental for $60 and you found a 1-day that only costs $30, Groupon will upgrade your reservation to the 2-day rental).

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Step #3: Enter Groupon voucher code

Once you have completed booking your Groupon, Groupon will offer you a chance to enter your Groupon voucher code for whatever promotion it is offering. Most of the time Groupons are valid for around 5%-25% off your total rental cost. If you have trouble entering the promotional code, try switching browsers or clearing cookies / cache before trying again. You can also always contact Groupon customer service with questions on any issues using their live chat function.

Step #4: Confirm reservation and payment information

On Groupon’s confirmation page, make sure all necessary fields are filled out correctly — they should be mostly self-explanatory but if they are not, Groupon will have a red asterisk next to the field. Groupon will automatically charge *your Groupon account* for your Groupon purchases, so don’t worry about needing to complete a payment form or anything like that. You must use a credit card with a billing address in the same country as where you are renting a car from, otherwise, Groupon’s system will not be able to identify it and you’ll end up wasting time trying to fix this issue.

Step #5: Wait for a confirmation email from Groupon

If Groupons do not work properly, they should send an error message on their website letting you know what is wrong with your reservation. If there is no indication of any problems, congratulations! The rental has been confirmed and Groupon will not be accepting any changes.

Step #6: Pick up your Groupon rental car

Groupon serves the majority of the largest airports and cities around the world, so make sure to select one near you during check-out (or enter a new location if necessary). Groupons sometimes accept AAA/AARP discounts as well as other promotional coupons, but Groupon’s policy is one discount per customer and it is up to Groupon to approve this. Groupons also require that customers must be at least 21 years old or above (be aware that some companies do not rent to customers under 25).

Step #7: Drop off your Groupon rental car

Once you arrive at the car rental service counter where you rented the Groupon, Groupon’s staff will ask you for your voucher code (printed or displayed on a mobile device is fine). Enter it in and Groupon will automatically charge the same credit card that was used to purchase the Groupons by billing through their website. This one-time Groupons fee ranges from $1-$5 but Groupons usually waive this service fee.

Step #8: Enjoy your Groupon rental car!

Once everything has been confirmed by each party involved, Groupon will give you an additional confirmation email with all of the payment information listed in case there are any problems later. Be sure to complete damage inspections before driving off if possible so it does not appear as though you were trying to commit insurance fraud/negligence. Groupon’s staff will also give you a copy of the rental agreement to fill out that includes Groupons Terms and Conditions. Groupons are usually pretty clear on their rules, but they can sometimes be kind of sneaky so if this is your first Groupon-rental experience it may take some time to understand Groupon’s small print.

#1: Create a Groupon account

#2: Find car rental with Groupon

#3: Enter voucher code (usually during checkout)

#4: Confirm reservation and payment information

#5: Wait for the confirmation email from Groupon (if the voucher doesn’t work)

Groupon Car Rentals

Start by creating an account with Groupon using their website. Groupons are usually for specific car rental services, so click the “Car Rentals” tab at the top of Groupon’s website (after you create your account) to see if Groupon has any deals with your desired company. If Groupon doesn’t have a Groupon available for use, try using Groupon Coupons Finder

Start by entering the location where you’ll be renting a car in Groupons search bar at the top. Groupon offers deals on car rentals in most major cities around the world (and even some small ones). Find something that interests you and click “Get Deal” before continuing. An example of what this should look like is provided below:

Once you’ve selected an available deal, verify that you have a Groupon account and enter in your own voucher code for Groupon to place the Groupons on hold. Groupons usually have a Groupons Finder

Bingo! You’ll now be presented with all of the available car-rental Groupons that Groupon has at their disposal. If you’re happy, continue to step #4 where you can proceed to check out by entering in credit card information. If you’ve found a deal that is close enough but not exactly what you were looking for, use Groupon coupon finder

Start by checking Grouponomics for weekly deals . This website offers discounts on many different types of services including car rentals throughout the world. Once you click “Find Deal,” make sure to click “Book Now” and enter in your Groupons voucher code to confirm availability. Grouponomics usually sends you a Groupon-specific confirmation email right away once the deal is booked. Meaning that everything has been authorized by Groupon so it’s time to relax knowing your Groupon rental car is all set.

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