The 5 Stages of Getting Over Cell Phone Distraction


“Good morning sir. The weather is expected to be mild at 7 am today. From this wake-up call, to work, to cook, to drink a cup of caffeine-nectar and to do workouts, do any of these activities happen without your cell phone Is included?

The only device of convenience has easily changed to become a major intrusion. With cell phone distraction at bay, the increasing dependency on the screen has been a dangerous phase for your life, perhaps more than you would like to admit. It would not be an exaggeration if we also said that it has become a complete addiction.

Keeping this addiction in mind, we will walk with caution. Our approach to addressing this would align with the 5 stages of drug addiction.

Let’s start with this support group therapy, shall we?

Stage 1. Pre-competition

It’s all about denial – a denial that you can’t take your screen away from your eyes, denying that you can’t have nomophobia or “no mobile phone” phobia. We understand completely. But with this step, it is about making you realize how strong the addiction is (maybe biohazard is stronger than 928mg caffeine)!

While you may have already internalized the damage, here is some help from your addiction. We will provide you with a holistic view of the persistent epidemic called mobile disturbances and guide you with hacks to combat addiction.

That said, it’s time to dive into the details!

Stage 2: Complimentation – A Peak at Cell Phone Distress

look around you. Apart from the frenzied use of N-95 masks and sanitizers, what do you see in common? “Projections expressed on the screen held in front of the eyes.”

It would probably be safe to say that smartphones have become quite companions, not only that real companions are often overlooked for virtual ones. You may have come across many memes based on this topic.

Additionally, the horrific statistics on your cell phone addiction are not going so subtle at the massacre that it has become a distraction.

Here you have to give some perspective with numbers:

  • The average mobile phone user clicks, taps and swipes on their mobile phone 2,617 times a day.
  • Phone users worldwide have crossed the 3 billion mark and are projected to have an exponential growth of several hundred million in the coming years.
  • As of September 2020, 61.20% of the world’s population has smartphones.

Although the latter two figures prove an increased reliance on phones, the first number is an indication of twiddling-thumb syndrome after addiction.

Looking your wide eyes at the numbers, we can safely assume that you have moved on to step 2: contemplation. This step will allow you to see the changes you must undergo to ensure a screen-free healthy lifestyle.

Although we recognize that the screen plays an important role for some activities, we believe that you can do some of these tasks easily, which can be minimized for a minimal amount of time.

Think about the physical, psychological and social impact. With everything at stake and eliminating distraction, it is time to start with a few hacks to distract this cell phone.

Stage 3 and Stage 4: How to End Distraction

Let’s not be clear here. We will not tell you about it:

  • Short attention span,
  • Possible loneliness,
  • Reducing eye health, etc.

This is something parents around the world are putting on banners. As a result, these facts are very likely to be considered ‘preaching’.

On the other hand, we have more concern – your cell phones are, most likely, taking away your me-time and therefore, your creative potential. That is something that should never be compromised. Thus, it is time that you follow the hacks from professionals that are proven to be effective for all ages.

Here allow me to remove life-changing, screen-shattering hacking in the form of Stage 3 preparation and Stage 4 action to cure your addiction:

1. Lean on an app to track your daily usage of cell phone

It would be safe to say that you have some small “time thieves” in your mobile phone, who munch and nibble on your precious hours. For the hack, we start with the most convenient one-installed phone usage tracker application.

Here is the list of the best ones for both Android and iOS platforms in 2020.

  • QualityTime – My Digital D