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The 3 Pillars of Natural Pet Care

Natural pet care is a loving way to show your pet how much you care. Since animals cannot take responsibility for their own health, we must ensure that we do everything we can to ensure a long and healthy life. In this article, you will learn three practical steps that will increase your pet’s immunity and ensure good health.

The first step is simple: feed your pet with natural foods. If you’ve ever read the ingredients label on the most popular brands of dog and cat food, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most brands, even if they advertise “natural pet food” on the front of the package, are full of preservatives, additives, and cheap grains that are used as fillers. This food is to animals what junk food is to humans. By feeding your pet, a regular diet of chemicals and fillers, you are opening your beloved cat or dog to disease.

Instead, choose healthy, organic foods without chemicals. While this natural pet food is more expensive (as much as double the price), the health benefits are worth it. Of course, since the food contains real nutrients that your pet needs to heal and maintain its health, your dog or cat will eat less because the nutrients will satisfy its appetite. Dogs and cats that are fed a junk food diet eat too much in order to get the nutrients they need.

The second pillar of natural animal care is to give your pet lots of water. Since tap water contains chemicals, use a water filter. Water energizes the body, keeps it hydrated and removes toxins from the body.

The third pillar is to give your pet a daily supplement. Like us, pets are exposed to toxins and environmental pollutants and a supplement, especially one that contains antioxidants, will help fight the ravages of aging and the dangers of our environment. If your pet has been on a diet of junk food, a supplement will help correct the damage caused by poor diet.

If you’ve ever seen your dog or cat eat soil, it means your pet needs minerals. In addition, animals sometimes chew plants and herbs because, intuitively, they know they can get a phytonutrient that their bodies need. But this behavior might not provide them with the nutrients they need in the right amounts, which is why supplements are so essential.

The best natural pet care supplements contain a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Look for herbs like milk thistle and mistletoe that contain powerful antioxidants that help remove toxic chemicals from the body. Giving your pet a quality supplement every day will strengthen the body and immune system and could extend the life of your pet.

In summary, the three pillars of natural pet care are practical and simple: whole and natural food, lots of water and a daily supplement. Add to that a daily diet of love and attention and daily exercise and you have the prescription for a healthy life for your beloved cat or dog.

by Laura Ramirez

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