The 15 Best Gifts for New Dads 2020

Coffee is a crucial drink of choice for many parents, and in many cases it can be a father’s best friend. Let’s face it, your first few months as a dad don’t get much sleep, and a good cup of steaming hot joe can sometimes mean the difference between walking around the neighborhood like a zombie and functioning properly.

But you don’t want the future father you know, just some kind of coffee mug. You want to give him something sturdy that matches his open manhood, right? Well, this is where the Greens Steel Beast Tumbler comes in.

This impressive beverage mug is available in 20 oz and 30 oz flavors and has a number of key features that set it apart from the competition. The double-walled, insulated design keeps hot things hot and cold things as frosty as possible. Right, this mug also offers space for cold drinks! It also comes complete with a tight lid design that helps keep the drink at the desired temperature and minimizes leakage and spills.

Best Gifts for New Dads 2020
Best Gifts for New Dads 2020

This mug is robust and made of stainless steel 304 18/8, which is also classified as food-safe for safety reasons. This tumbler’s impressive safety record also adds to its BPA-free design, so you can rest assured that the recipient of this massive coffee container will not pick up any nasty toxins or chemical by-products.

Does the father you know travel a lot? The Beast has a sturdy handle design in its base that allows it to fit snugly into many different types of vehicle cup holder setups. In addition, the mug is made so that sweat from extremely cold drinks doesn’t manifest on the outside of the mug so it won’t slip out of your hands while driving.

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Like many similar products, the beast sometimes suffers from leakage problems. It’s not enough to dissuade us from recommending it, but it’s a bit black. However, with all the other fantastic elements, this is a fantastic, high quality beverage mug that does justice to its hearty namesake.

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