The 10 movies everyone’s watching on Netflix right now

Here are the 10 movies everyone’s watching on Netflix right now, according to FlixPatrol:

Hustle (2022) – A basketball drama about a down-on-his-luck scout who discovers a talented player in Spain and tries to bring him to the NBA.

The Woman King (2022) – A historical epic about an all-female military unit in West Africa who fight against colonizers in the 1800s.

Senior Year (2022) – A high school cheerleader wakes up 20 years later and decides to go back to school to finish her senior year.

The Sea Beast (2022) – An animated adventure about a monster hunter who befriends a young girl who stows away on his ship.

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) – A war drama about a group of German soldiers who experience the horrors of World War I.

Spiderhead (2022) – A science fiction thriller about a prisoner who volunteers for a drug trial that makes him feel no pain.

The In Between (2022) – A romantic drama about a teenage girl who is able to communicate with her dead boyfriend.

Love & Gelato (2022) – A romantic comedy about a young woman who travels to Italy to fulfill her late grandmother’s wish to find love.

The Weekend Away (2022) – A thriller about two friends who go on a weekend getaway and one of them ends up dead.

The Bad Guys (2022) – An animated action comedy about a group of criminals who try to become good.

Please note that this list may vary depending on your region and other factors.

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