The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures Ever Sold

Want to know which are the most expensive Amiibo figures?

We got you!

Amiibos have become remarkably popular with Nintendo fans around the world since their release in 2014.

But, some are more valuable than others due to flaws and a limited number.

So if you are an Amiibo fan and have between $ 125 and $ 25,100 to spend, this list is for you!

Let’s dive into it.

Here are the 10 most expensive Amiibo figures.

The 10 most expensive Amiibo figures

The list of Amiibo numbers and values ​​mentioned below has been compiled from various sources on the web, such as Game Rant and Wikipedia.

The figures below include auctions. There may be a slightly different version of the same Amiibo that you can buy for a lot less.

Here are the 10 most expensive Amiibo figures:

10. Toon Link and Zelda

Most Expensive Amiibos - Toon Link and Zelda

Estimated value: $ 125

THE Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most popular games, so it’s no surprise that gaming-related Amiibos are worth decent money.

Well, as part of the 30th anniversary series, Nintendo decided to release a set of two Amiibo with Link and Zelda in their Wind Waker, toony form.

While you can get the standard individual Toon Link and Zelda Amiibos quite easily, getting your hands on one of these exclusive figures is much more complicated.

So if you want to add a pair to your collection, browse eBay, as you should be able to pick a setup for around $ 125, give or take a few pennies.

9. Poochy

Most expensive Amiibo figures - Poochy

Estimated value: $ 130

Poochy is an adorable little dog who was first introduced to the Nintendo worm Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island.

This is a real asset for Yoshi in the game as he can walk over lava and all kinds of dangerous terrain, allowing Yoshi to cross safely.

This particular version is made from real yarn and currently costs around $ 130 on eBay.

It’s money well spent in our opinion because you will be able to watch her smiley face every day!

8. Gold Mega Man Amiibo

Most Expensive Amiibos - Gold Mega Man

Estimated value: $ 136

Released February 23, 2016, Amiibo Golden Mega Man sold quickly throughout North America.

The reason is that this is a special version of the Amiibo figure that came with the Mega Man Legacy Collection in 2016.

Four years later, and what was originally valued at $ 49.99, is now worth almost triple that, and it can only be found on sites like eBay and Amazon.

If you can manage to buy one for a reasonable price, keep it with your life because it is one of the rarest Amiibos on the planet!

7. Squid Sisters Callie and Marie

Most Expensive Amiibo Figures - Squid Sisters Callie and Marie

Estimated value: $ 145

Callie and Marie, the game’s squid sisters, Splatoon, sold out in North America when they first released, so can only be found in the aftermarket.

The sisters rose to fame after winning the first annual Calamari County Youth Folk Singing Competition, and are therefore considered one of the best Amiibos to include in your collection.

However, finding a set of numbers will be your challenge, as they are not often listed on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

And, when they are, prices tend to hover around $ 145, and even higher when the auction heats up!

6. Navirou

Most expensive amiibos - Navirou

Estimated value: $ 160

Everyone’s favorite Amiibo cat, Navirou, was released in October 2016 as a Japanese exclusive.

AAvirou Amiibo in good condition will set you back around $ 160 on eBay or Amazon.

It’s considered the rarest and most valuable of all Monster Hunter Stories Amiibos, but it’s unclear why.

It probably has something to do with his adorable facial expression and his hand gesture.

But whatever the reason, you won’t get much change starting at $ 160 if you decide to buy one!

5. Mega Yarn Yoshi

Most Expensive Amiibo Figures - Mega Yarn Yoshi

Estimated value: $ 225

The second most expensive Amiibo is Mega Yarn Yoshi.

This cute little Amiibo was released in November 2015 as a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive.

It was published in collaboration with Yoshi’s Wooded world, one of the most popular side-scrolling video games released by Nintendo, and eclipsed the full-sized Yoshi Amiibos thread.

The exclusivity of the giant plush is what makes it so valuable and sought after. It quickly became impossible to buy in stores, which turned out to be almost impossible to get hold of.

So if you manage to find one, it will definitely be worth it, as it is likely that they will continue to increase in value.

4. Qbby

Most expensive amibos - Qbby

Estimated value: $ 400

Qbby is another Japanese exclusive compatible with games like BoxBoy, BoxBoxBoy and Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

Be the main character of the Boxboy series, Qbby has become one of the most popular Amiibos in the world thanks to the popularity of series.

The little square box, with two eyes and two legs, currently costs around $ 400 on eBay and Amazon.

Watch out for this space, however, as it will likely continue to rise in value due to its limited status.

3. Luigi with missing left hand

Most Expensive Amiibo Figures - Missing Left Luigi

Estimated value: $ 500

The third most expensive Amiibo is Luigi with a missing left hand.

It’s pretty clear where the value of this Amiibo comes from, as miniatures with missing parts, in good condition and factory sealed, can be worth a fortune.

Now, unlike the majority of the list, this one has been auctioned off which means it’s worth its valuation.

Since its release in December 2014, this rare Amiibo has become increasingly difficult to find.

This has resulted in a significant increase in prices for those listed for sale on auction sites like eBay.

With that in mind, if you’re in the market for one, you at least have an idea of ​​how much you’ll need to spend to add one to your Amiibo collection.

2. Samus Two Cannons

Most Expensive Amiibos - Samus Two Cannons

Estimated value: $ 2,500

Samus Aran from Metroid was part of the first wave of Amiibo figures released in 2014.

Just like the above Luigi, this version of Samus was flawed, which makes her extremely valuable.

It was made with an extra barrel on its left arm by accident, and therefore discontinued from production and marked as defective.

But, fast forward six years and his flaws are what earned him a small fortune.

Considering its rarity, it’s easy to see why someone was willing to pay $ 2,500 for it on eBay in 2014!

1. Princess Peach without legs

Most Expensive Amiibo Figures - Princess Peach Without Legs

Estimated value: $ 25,100

After more than 100 tenders from 17 people, the factory sealed Princess Peach without legs Amiibo sold at auction in 2014 for the exorbitant sum of $ 25,100!

It is not entirely clear why the legless version of Princess peach is considered more valuable than other faulty Amiibos, but for some reason it is.

And we don’t know how many Princess Peach without legs there is. However, a few have been listed on eBay since their official release in 2014.

So with potentially only a handful of these flawed collectibles in circulation and a known selling price of $ 25,100, it stands to reason that they won’t become more valuable over time.

So if you see one for sale and have a lot of cash to spend, you could become the proud owner of the most expensive Amiibo ever!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures?

This one blew us away! $ 25,000 for a defective figure, that’s just crazy!

But, as always, it’s worth what someone’s willing to pay for it, and these Amiibos have certainly found their following.

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive Amiibo figures:

  1. Princess Peach without legs
  2. Samus two guns
  3. Luigi, missing left hand
  4. Qbby
  5. Mega Yoshi Yarn
  6. Navirou
  7. Squid Sisters Callie and Marie
  8. Amiibo Golden Mega Man
  9. Poochy
  10. Toon Link and Zelda

What is your favorite Amiibo figure? Leave a comment below.

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