The 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Amravati In 2021

Some parts of India can claim such heritage beauty as Amaravati. From Buddhist stupas and historical sites to a cultural metropolis lined by quintessential hill-stations, the city is also home to some of the best religion-based architecture you can ever see: We are talking of modern works like countless ancient temples, the majestic Ambadevi temple and the Osmania mosque.

And out of a million possibilities no list of “must-visit” or “top attractions” can be certain, we have brought for you. Best places to visit in Amravati.

The best thing? Whichever place you decide to start your journey, this city is sure to be a hit.

10 best places to visit in Amravati

The question is not about which places to visit in Amravati, but rather how to decide. With not so many amazing and fascinating attractions, it can be difficult to plan an itinerary, whether you are a curious historian, adventure lover or gastronomy buff. Help our guide: Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Amravati, which are simply not to be missed.

  • Wadali Talao
  • Fry the mat
  • Ambadevi and Ekveera Devi Temple
  • ISKCON – Amravati
  • Bamboo garden
  • Upper Wardha Dam
  • Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • Gavilgarh Fort
  • Malkhed Dam
  • Chilkhada Wildlife Sanctuary

1. Wadali Talao

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Located near the Chandur railroad, the quaint suburban reservoir is a picture-postcard oasis for residents and travelers. Originally built to provide fresh water supplies to surrounding areas, the water body is an ideal place for weekend family picnics. Admire the relaxed setting, the water sports, sightseeing, or simply the tranquil landscape in nature. The best time to visit would be to observe the transition of colors in the sky during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

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2. Fry the mat

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Built in 1888, Chatri Talao Amravati is situated on a major stretch of land, a heritage site which is also of great historical importance. Located less than a kilometer from Dasturanagar Square, it shares the common goal of providing fresh water with Wadala Talav. High on the list of places to visit in Amravati, this luminous body of water started its journey with a small waterfall called ‘Kali Nadi’. Today, the Upper Wardha Dam is famous for its water supply for this attraction. While touring, take a walk on the shore where the meadow ends and begin to fry, and immerse yourself in natural bliss.

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3. Ambadevi and Ekveera Devi Temple

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This religious Hindu temple worships the goddess Ambadevi in ​​the state of Maharashtra. The timeless historical structure has stood tall for thousands of years. Devotees from all over the world throng during high festivities like Navratri. For a few hours in this temple, travelers are often advised to understand the part played in major historical events like Rukmini Haran.

There is Ekveera Devi temple near Ambadevi. Built in 1960, the temple retains a shared story of origins with Ambadevi and is frequently visited by travelers and pilgrims.

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4. ISKCON – Amravati

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For hundreds of years, Hindu believers have found a sense of belonging and spiritual connection in temples, which commemorate the stories of powerful deities. Located in Saraswati Colony, Rathi Nagar, it is an important destination in Amravati to hang out with family and friends. The quiet atmosphere of the place can be credited to many volunteers and travelers who often stay behind to help with daily activities.

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5. Bamboo Garden

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Stop at the Bamboo Garden for an exhibition of the largest collection of bamboo plants in India with 134 species and dedicated bamboo nurseries. Established in 2017, the garden also surprises its visitors with an impressive selection of 300 cactus. The place makes an ideal weekend for children as they boast a 20-foot high sky-wall along with many other fun activities available to enjoy on campus. Also, do not forget to get yourself a souvenir made of bamboo before going back.

entrance fees: INR ₹ 20

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6. Upper Wardha Dam

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If you want to venture into the suburbs in Amravati to capture the local surroundings, then make your way to the city of Simhora. It is a small establishment with a regional market with authentic dining places and view of Wardha Dam. The upright gravity dam is huge and is a major water for the city of Amravati. An interesting fact about the dam is that at its living capacity, it can hold 564,000 million liters of water.

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7. Melghat Tiger Reserve

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From many species of Indian bison to snake eagle, the Melghat Tiger Reserve is one of the best places to roam in Amravati with your children and family. There is an attractive variety of flora and fauna that one can see in the reserve and the destination makes for an ideal day trip from the central district of Amravati.

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8. Gavilgarh Fort

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The 300-year-old Garhwali structure sits on a short trip from Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati District, Maharashtra, north of the Deccan Plateau. It is a true reflection of the Maratha Empire and shows some magnificent carvings from the Nizams period. Walk around the milestone and observe the various scripts written in many languages ​​on its wall and captivate yourself with its history and importance in Maharashtrian culture.

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9. Malkhed Dam

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Malkhed Dam is an earthfill dam built on the Kholad River near Chandur. Rent a boat in the afternoon with a full lunch and enjoy an outdoor meal with your family and friends. There is a park and a toy train nearby for children which may be boarding for a short tour. The dam was originally built for irrigation and water supply, but must now be visited at several places in Amravati.

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10. Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

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In 1823, Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment decided to develop a tourist attraction in the region, which might remind him of his homeland in England. Initially, the sanctuary was called Kehakadara Wildlife Sanctuary as it was believed to be the exact location where Bhima, one of the five Pandavas killed Keechaka. The place was later renamed and now serves as a hiking and adventure location. Also, if you have an affinity for taking photos, make sure you pack your gear before heading to this place.

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Amaravati is one of the least traveled destinations in the western peninsular region of India. Plan a trip to Maharashtra aside from showcasing a wide range of cultural and natural attractions, the scenic view is quite lively during spring and autumn. Religious traditions are celebrated through their important festivals, there are some great city markets for thrifting, and the weather is usually pleasant to hang out and enjoy the mild cold after sunshine with a classic cup of chai. The city of Amravati is also surrounded by some of the best hill stations, perfect for a weekend getaway. Therefore, for those looking for places to visit in Amravati, it can be a terrifying prospect to find oneself in a landscape full of outdoor and spiritual places, enchanting gardens, and a bustling architectural landscape.

Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Amravati

What is Amravati famous for?

Amravati is the second-largest city in Maharashtra after Nagpur known for its vibrant Hindu and Buddhist temples and sites. Popular art and architectural scenes attract spiritual travelers and historians throughout the year.

What is the best time to visit Amravati?

The best time to visit Amravati is from April to September when the temperature is mild and religious places come with tourists from all over the world.

How much time should I spend in Amravati?

You need at least four days to explore all the monuments, temples and art history scenes, through the “Popular Attractions Only” tour which can be done in a three-day Amravati itinerary.

How much budget should I pay for my trip to Amravati?

A weeklong trip to the city can cost you Rs. 10,000 for the entire 100,000 days, and a 3-7 day itinerary will cost you less than Rs. 10,000 per person.

Is it better to visit Amravati during week or weekend?

It is better to visit Amravati during weekends as most of the religious temples and monuments are open, including parks and food markets. The atmosphere is buzzing to ignore everyone from the workday. Some temples hold special ‘puja’ or religious prayer ceremonies on weekends.

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