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The 10 Biggest Luxury Real Estate Sales Of 2020

Luxury real estate sales ceased in 2020 for the Kovid-19 epidemic. The biggest hit occurred in New York City, with sales of luxury homes – which are in the top 10% of real estate sales – down 46.7% in the third quarter compared to 2019. An early Kovid hot spot, many wealthy New York City residents fled the city. Other markets such as Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Hampton and Greenwich, Connecticut thrived in comparison.

With the closure of such things as offices, schools and gyms, some of the wealthier wanted to move to larger homes, homeschooling and home gyms with more space to work from home. In Los Angeles, high-end home sales were up 87.5%. In Palm Beach, high-end home sales were 33.5%. At Greenwich, high-end home sales were 68.2%, a 10-year-long recession in Connecticut’s third-most affluent city.

Two of the top 10 real estate deals closed in the US in 2020 were worth more than $ 100 million, and both had domestic sales in Los Angeles. Overall, there are five of LA’s top 10 sales, two were in Hampton, one was in Manhattan, and one was in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Warner Estate (image via YouTube)

# 10 Hampton Compound

East Hampton, New York

$ 67 million

The 10Th The 2020 highest-priced real estate deal is a 3.4-acre oceanfront property with an 8,000-square-foot mansion. The property also has a waterfront swimming pool and a 6,000-square-foot guesthouse. The property was formerly owned by Morgan Stanley executive Charles Phillips and his wife Candace.

# 9 Foothills Estate

Beverly Hills, California

$ 68 million

David Geffen bought the recently built Beverly Hills home in June from entertainment and sports executive Casey Wasserman. The property was originally put on the market for $ 125 million. The 18,548-square-foot house sits on three acres with 85 acres of infinity pools, pools, houses, gyms, screening rooms, art studios, four-car garages and a motor court to park 25 cars. Wasserman finished the property in 2016. It sits on the land of his grandparents, the late Eddie and Lev Wasserman, the former house as well as the house next door which was owned by Frank Sinatra.

# 8 Kennedy Winter White House

Palm Beach, Florida

$ 70 million

The mansion formerly owned by the Kennedy family, called President John F. Kennedy, used as a winter retreat, was sold in June to a real estate developer who was planning to undergo a massive renovation on the property. New York real estate billionaire Jane Goldman sold the property, which she bought in 2015 for $ 31 million. Joseph P. Kennedy bought the property in the 1930s. The Kennedy family sold a 15,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style home in the 1990s. The estate is located on the chic North Ocean Boulevard.

# 7 Waterfront Palm Beach Estate

Palm Beach, Florida

$ 71.85 million

S. of Palm Beach This 2-acre lakefront estate on the Lake Trail was sold in June by financier and energy entrepreneur Rob E. Turner and his wife, Lydia. The pair bought the house three years ago for $ 27 million.

# 6 Duo Estates in Trussdale

Los Angeles, California

$ 75.5 million

In January, a limited liability company linked to the family of Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gow bought two neighboring properties in the Trussdale Estates neighborhood of Los Angeles. If Guo chooses a combination of assets, it will be one of the largest private compounds in the Hollywood Hills. The first house has six bedrooms in a 17,000-square-foot house. The second house was built by Francesco Aquilini, owner of the Vancouver Canucks. The house is 16,000 square feet and has an infinity pool, roof deck and golf simulator.

# 5 Hampton Compound

Southampton, New York

$ 84 million

Real estate billionaire Ken Griffin closed the $ 84 million deal in March. The property was previously owned by Calvin Klein. Griffin has been on a serious real estate business over the years. There is a seven-acre modern-style property on Tony Medo Lane in Southampton. Klein built the house in 2003 after acquiring the property. Prior to Klein, the house was a fortress-style design called Dragon Head at a point owned by the DuPont family and by Andy Warhol muse Jane Holzer.

# 4 Owl Estate

Los Angeles, California

$ 88 million

In 2017 this 10-acre property entered the market for $ 180 million. It was reduced to $ 115 million in 2019 and sold in December 2020 for $ 88 million. The house is a 12,200-square-foot Italian Renaissance-style mansion with nine bedrooms. Located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood, the property has a swimming pool and tennis court. The house was previously owned by Tony Curtis and Sunny and Cher.

# 3. 220 Central Park South Penthouse

New York, New York

$ 99.9 million

This transaction was the third-most-completed in Manhattan. The deal closed in July, located on Billionaire Row, more than three years after the initial deal was signed. The penthouse consists of a small unit on the lower floor, which may be staff space, guest space, or office. The four-bedroom penthouse has 9,800 sq ft.

# 2. Jeffrey Katzenberg Estate

Beverly Hills, California

$ 125 million

Jeffrey Katzenberg sold his house in August. He and his wife bought property in 2009 for $ 35 million. The buyer was Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp. The 26,000-square-foot house is spread over seven acres. The house was sold in an off-market deal. Koum made an offer to Jeffrey and Merlin Katzenberg, which they could not decline.

# 1 Warner Estate

Los Angeles, California

$ 165 million

Jeff Bezos closed a deal in April to acquire the famous 1930-era Warner estate, designed for Jack Warner, the late chairman of Warner Bros. David Geffen was the seller in the deal. It was an off-market deal. Located in Benedict Canyon, the nine-acre property features a nine-hole golf course, several guest houses and a tennis court.

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