The 10 Best Characters To Use

One of the most entertaining games on the Nintendo Switch right now is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This isn’t too surprising to gamers, as the series has been nothing but a hit since the very beginning. This specific version takes the franchise to entirely new depths as its roster is absolutely massive, even without adding its downloadable characters.

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However, it also makes choosing a primary one challenging for new players. It is important to remember that these characters do differ in skill levels and in some cases, some fighters are far better than others. Having a strong knowledge of who are among the best definitely makes the game a lot easier to play and excel in. This is especially the case when playing online as some players are far more challenging to beat than the CPU. There are a lot of great fighters in the game, but a few stand out as being truly elite.

10 Yoshi

Yoshi fighting in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yoshi is a character that tends to be very underrated. His attacks are actually quite effective when delivered correctly, as his ground pound can leave a lot of damage to a fatigued opponent, while simultaneously knocking them off the stage.

His extremely quick speed also allows him to avoid danger quite easily. His jumps higher and farther than most characters, too. He is also is extremely fun to use when he performs the egg lay move, where he quite literally turns his opponents into eggs.

9 Snake

Snake crouching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It is hard not to love Snake immediately as he is simply an iconic and dangerous character. Not only does he have a plethora of different weapons but his attacks and fighting abilities are an asset too as he can leave a good amount of damage to his opponents.

It also helps that he is a strong body in the game as well, so he can handle what comes to him. Besides being a bit slow, Snake has a great variety of different attributes.

8 Toon Link

Toon Link preparing to battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Toon Link is a fantastic option for those who know how to master him. He is not necessarily the strongest in stature but his extremely fast agility allows him to dominate whilst in battle.

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His ability to land an abundance of attacks in a fast fashion also gives him a monstrous advantage against his opponents. This is especially the case when using his boomerang and exciting spin attack. Thus, it is not hard to see him being amongst the best fighters in the game.

7 Wolf

Wolf in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Wolf is worth using in this game as he does not come with much risk at all. Upon controlling him, the player will notice immediately that he possesses a lot of power. This is especially the case when it comes to his aerial and dash attacks.

Yet, what also helps his case immensely is the fact that he is also is quick and can jump quite well. There is certainly a well-needed balance when it comes to his character, which does allow him to succeed.

6 Inkling

Inkling firing paint in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Inkling makes their debut in this game and it is clear why they have proven to be a memorable asset in it. The primary reason why this character work so well is because of the fact that they are not only fast in speed, but also their attacks. Whether the player opts to use their paintball attacks or ground attacks, this character does perform very well.

This, in turn, helps also place the opposition under a lot of pressure, which naturally is a positive. Also, their jumping is definitely solid when comparing them to other foes in the game.

5 Chrom

Chrom battling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Like Inkling, Chrom makes his debut in this game, too. He is definitely a character that is worth using, especially if the player is a fan of the Fire Emblem series. However, more importantly, his skill is definitely spectacular.

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For a sword character, he is very quick, which is a massive bonus. Also, when it comes to his attacks, they leave significant damage when timed correctly. This also allows his forward smash and down aerial attacks to help him defeat his enemies. There is no true reason not to try out this character.

4 Wario

Wario fighting in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mario may have Wario beat in just about every aspect of their rivalry, but that certainly is not the case when it comes to this game. Wario is easily among the best characters because of his array of spectacular skills.

While he can be a bit slow, he sure does make up for it in terms of his fighting abilities as his attacks can leave a ton of damage, especially when using his Wario bike. He also has a tendency to use farting as a way to damage his opponents, which is gross, yet quite effective. His final smash is seen to be a key asset as it has the ability to cause over 50% damage to opponents.

3 Daisy

Daisy floating in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Daisy is another character who makes her official debut in this game, and she definitely leaves quite an impact. She is an Echo Fighter of Peach and thankfully possesses every good characteristic from her.

Her floating ability allows her to avoid getting into trouble, which also meshes well with her ability to leave solid damage to opponents. Something that is also so interesting about Daisy is that her forward smash items cause different amounts of damage, so players should choose her frying pan as a weapon whenever they get a chance.

2 Peach

Peach posing in battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Peach edges out Daisy simply because of the fact that her attacks are ever so slightly more powerful. It is enough of a difference where the player will notice, so it does help her be just a tad bit better than the elite Daisy.

However, similar to Daisy, her aerial attacks are simply impossible to handle, which definitely works with her umbrella floating her away from trouble. Also, an underrated attack from her character is her side special, as it not only hurts her foe but also allows her to fly away after it lands.

1 Pikachu

Pikachu standing on map in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With there being so many spectacular characters in the game, it is hard to confidently state who the best is. However, Pikachu definitely warrants strong consideration for the title because of how amazingly he performs in the game.

Every weak point in previous games are bettered in this game for Pikachu. His aerial attacks are way more effective, especially with his electric screw ability. His quickness also allows him not only to get out of danger but also helps him create more attacks successfully too. This really allows Pikachu to succeed when fighting, so at the end of the day, he is a great choice.

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