Texting App Billionaire Brian Kim Vows To Give Away More Than Half Of His Holdings

Brian Kim is the billionaire founder of Kakao Corp, the largest mobile text messenger provider in South Korea. According to a recent Bloomberg story, he is the latest ultra-wealthy businessman to announce a significant philanthropic pledge, allegedly telling his employees that he “owes his estimated fortune of nearly $ 8 billion for various reasons”. More than half “are planning to give.

In a message to all of Kakao’s employees, Kim described his intentions in this way:

“I have promised to donate more than half of my wealth to solving social issues throughout my life. My aim is to solve social issues and help people that Kakao have difficulty contacting.”

Chung Sung-joon / Getty Images

As some of those social issues may be, we don’t know yet, as a more detailed official declaration of Kim’s philanthropic pledge reportedly still works. It is also not known whether he would like to add his name to the famous Giving Pledge started by Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates, but his promise to give “more than half” of his wealth would qualify him for the requirements of that pledge. is.

Kim launched the Kakao Talk Messenger app in 2010, and it became the most popular in South Korea. He holds a 26 percent stake in the company he founded, which has continued to lift its fortunes of late.

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