Terraria Sells Over 35 Million Copies Across All Platforms

Terarria developer Re-Logic announces the game has sold more than 35 million copies across all platforms, also becoming Steam’s highest-rated game.

An announcement from developer Re-Logic revealed that Terraria has sold over 35 million copies. Terraria is a 2D sandbox game that revolves around the concepts of exploration, crafting, and survival, with both single-player and multiplayer modes available. It’s often compared to Minecraft thanks to the breadth of its options, and though the game’s have some notable major differences, the core gameplay philosophies are certainly comparable.

While Terraria has remained popular in the years since its release, the most recent discourse surrounding the game had very little to do with the title’s actual quality. Terraria was recently involved in a public dispute with Google, cancelling the game’s Google Stadia release after its creator Andrew Spinks found his Google accounts banned for no reason. The decision was later reversed when Google reached out to Re-Logic and clarified the situation, which remains perhaps one of the most interesting situations to ever emerge from the release of Google Stadia.

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In an announcement from the developer published on the Terraria Official Forums, it was revealed that the end of 2020 saw the game eclipse over 35 million copies sold across all platforms, with a whopping 17.2 million copies sold on PC alone. Interestingly enough, the next best performing platform is mobile with 9.3 million, which eclipses the 8.5 million sold on consoles. Terraria is a game that ports especially well to mobile devices despite its depth thanks to a simple UI, and it shows in the number of copies it has sold on that platform as a result.

A promotional image from Re-Logic for Terraria's final update.

Re-Logic also revealed another interesting statistic about the game, which passed Portal 2 as the highest-rated Steam title on the platform on Steam250. Steam250 is an unofficial ranking system that helps aggregate user reviews to provide a more comprehensive look at a game’s popularity on Steam, and while it doesn’t hold the same kind of weight an official accolade from Valve might, it’s still an impressive achievement that helps solidify Terraria as a title that’s well-loved by its players.

With more updates on deck for Terraria and the hope of cross-play in the future, the game still has a lot going for it, even as it reached the planned end of its major update cycle with Journey’s End. The game is still clearly selling well, too – it was only last year that Re-Logic announced the game had sold 30 million copies, so 5 million more in a year indicates a market still hungry to engage with more Terraria in the coming months.

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Source: Terraria Official Forums, Steam250

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