Tensions Rise Between Algeria and Morocco

North Africa – The longstanding tensions between Algeria and Morocco have escalated following a tragic incident at sea. The Algerian Coast Guard reportedly opened fire on a group of jet skiers, leading to the death of two individuals and sparking outrage in Morocco.

Incident Details:

  • Deadly Confrontation: According to Algerian officials, the coast guard fired ‘multiple warning shots’ at a group of jet skiers who had inadvertently entered Algerian territory from the Moroccan resort town of Saidia.
  • Victims Identified: The victims, who were Moroccan and French nationals, were part of a group enjoying water sports when the incident occurred. Mohamed Kissi, a survivor of the incident, described the harrowing experience, stating that only he managed to return, while his brother and a friend were killed. Another friend is reportedly in Algerian custody.
  • Response from Morocco: Morocco has initiated an investigation into the incident, especially focusing on the death of a French-Moroccan tourist. As of now, there has been no official comment from either Algiers or Rabat regarding the incident.


  • Historical Tensions: Algeria and Morocco have a history of diplomatic disputes, most notably over the Western Sahara region. This recent incident has only added fuel to the fire, raising concerns about the future relationship between the two North African countries.
  • International Repercussions: The incident has drawn international attention, with human rights activists raising questions about the Algerian coast guard’s actions. The tragedy has also impacted the tourism industry, with concerns about the safety of tourists in the region.

Next Steps:

  • Awaiting Official Statements: Both nations are expected to release official statements addressing the incident and outlining the steps they plan to take to prevent such occurrences in the future.
  • Diplomatic Talks: Diplomatic channels may be activated to address the rising tensions and find a peaceful resolution to the situation.

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