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Ten Important Facts About Garden Gnome Statues

Some of the most interesting pieces that can be found in the gardens and meadows of many houses are the statues of garden gnomes. Nice, funny, and adorable, a lawn gnome is the envy of many, especially children. They have their way of tickling your senses and beautifying your lawns.

Why do these statues affect homeowners so much? What are these statues that make them the favorite of many? How did the hype start in these statues?

Garden Gnome Statues
Garden Gnome Statues

Well, know them better from these important facts:

1. Garden gnomes are woodland creatures known for their sweetness and hard work. They wear red pointed hats and live for more than 400 years.

2. These little creatures are known to help with household chores, especially for planting and sweeping. No wonder most garden gnome statues have garden tools! However, most of the statues we see today depict them as sleeping or sitting.

3. Statues of garden gnomes are believed to be carriers of good luck, especially when placed in lawns or inside homes. This is also where the practice of putting them in the front lawn originated.

4. The first meadow gnome was born in 1800 in the Victorian era. Germany was the first nation to popularize these statues originally made of clay. Later, variations of these famous statues came in different materials such as polyresin and plastic.

5. It was in 1960 that these statues were mass-produced. However, during that time, the statues were made of plastic and poorly painted. They didn’t last.

6. In 1997, gnomes appeared in a blockbuster film that paved the way for some people to become interested in these little creatures. Fashion caught on because four years later, in 2001, gnomes appeared in another film.

7. In parts of Europe, kidnapping gnomes has turned into a practical joke. In 2003, an advertising campaign was even seen for a website depicting a kidnapped statue. The followers of Gnome have even proposed a bill that penalizes the act as a crime.

8. Some people have reached the hype about gnomes. This led to another passion, the collection of garden gnomes.

9. Garden gnome statues are not just ideal outdoors. They are also perfect for indoor viewing. Since they come in different designs, a cute figure will come as the perfect decor.

10. A place in northern Devon, England, has been turned into a reserve for gnomes. Incredibly, the park is home to over 1,000 garden and lawn gnomes.

Garden gnomes have come a long way from being just a mythical creature to an iconic symbol. They even have their following, both on the Internet and in the real world. Like garden gnome statues, they evolved from a simple plastic ornament made of clay, concrete or polyresin material. They also come in different sizes and with different moods. Let’s face it. Gnomes are making a comeback. In fact, they have already found their way into our homes and hearts.

by Nicole Roberts

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