Tekken 7’s Newest Fighter, Lidia Sobieska, Release Date Announced

On March 23, publisher Bandai Namco will release Tekken 7’s brand-new fighter, Lidia Sobieska, along with a new Island Paradise stage.

Publisher Bandai Namco plans to release Tekken 7’s newest character, Lidia Sobieska, this week on March 23, alongside the new Island Paradise stage. Bandai Namco originally teased Lidia’s arrival late last month in a teaser trailer for DLC 18. Additional hints were dropped about the character several days ago, confirming an interesting piece of information about Lidia’s role in the world of Tekken –  she’s the Polish Prime Minister who fights for her people.

It’s not lost on some fans that Lidia appears to resemble Ciri’s character design from The Witcher 3. The ashen white hair and Polish connection are one thing, but the new Tekken character also boasts a scar over her left eye. It could be little more than a coincidence, of course. And, ultimately, it doesn’t matter very much; still, the resemblance is something fans have taken notice of, especially since Bandai Namco released the latest gameplay trailer for Lidia.

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Over the weekend, Bandai Namco shared a much closer look at Tekken 7’s new fighter – Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska. The character will join the Tekken ranks tomorrow, March 23, bringing with her the all-new Island Paradise stage. Lidia’s arrival rounds out the Season 4 pass for Tekken 7, which received its first batch of content last fall with the return of Kunimitsu and the launch of the Vermilion Gates location. See Lidia Sobieska in action in the lengthy gameplay trailer linked below:

Lidia seems a promising addition to the Tekken 7 roster. And thanks to her in-universe role as the Polish Prime Minister, the character brings a bit of a different flair to the experience. How that will actually play out during battle remains to be seen, yet fans of the franchise could very well be in for a treat come March 23.

As noted above Lidia’s imminent release will close out Bandai Namco’s plans for Tekken 7’s Season Pass 4, which kicked off last fall with the advent of Kunimitsu and the Vermilion Gates level. Players can purchase the fighting title’s latest Season Pass for $14.99; however, this content has ushered in its fair share of freebies in the form of free updates, as well. Said updates include extra moves for all Tekken 7 fighters characters, a new top-level rank, more streamlined user interface options, and response improvements for online play.

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Tekken 7 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Bandai Namco

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