Technology-A Boon or a Bane for Cricket Players

Technology-A Boon or a Bane for Cricket Players

Technology-A Boon or a Bane for Cricket Players

technologyWorld Cup Cricket 2015 hosted jointly by New Zealand and Australia has brought lots of excitements and thrills in between large numbers cricket fans belonging to different parts of the world. One of the prime reasons behind this excitement of Indian and other cricket enthusiasts is the drastic improvement in the game play, which has become possible via advancement in technology. Here, you will get a highlight about the overall influence on technology in cricket and among players.

Positive Influence of Technology

  1. Allows More Fairness in the Game

One of the main positive points associated with the role of technology in cricket is that allows for more fairness game play in the entire match. In fact, technologies used during various gaming situations are beneficial for both teams in positive way as possible. Some common technologies used in games will include Hawk Eye and Hot Spot. Here, Hot Spot reveals proper images about the hitting of the ball in the body of player, while Hawk Eye helps in right LBW decisions via identification of the right path followed by the ball.  

  1. Leads to Drastic Performance Improvement

Technology incorporated in cricket such as Cricket Nets played significant role in improvement the quality and performance level of players. Especially, coaches during the training adopt different technologies and guide elite players to measure the actual distance traveled during the training period and in real games. On the other side, bowlers get the opportunity to known about specific movements during their bowling process. Another interesting thing about technological devices and mobile applications used in cricket is that it helps players to observe their patterns and body movements, along with areas, where they face stress, to measure core temperature of their bodies, and latest height rates. Based on the aforementioned data, coaches and managers undergo detailed analysis and thereby, guide players for bringing improvements in their weak areas.

  1. Easy Watching of Cricket Motivated Cricket Players

Watching of cricket matches has now become relatively easier and highly convenient with the introduction of various online cricket portals and live TV Broadcasts, along with innovative live sport streaming apps. Even many apps allow individuals to interact with other people during the entire game, while few of them provide additional features to users, which include prediction of scores at any particular gaming stage, voting or polling for man of the match in the event and lots more. Interactions and involvement of cricket fans motivate Indian players a lot to deliver their best performance not only in a single match, but also in the entire tournament.

Negative Results of Technology

As a coin has two different sides, likewise everything has few negative features. Negative influences and effects of technological devices in cricket are

  1. Technological Devices are Costly Options

Technological devices are costly options for individual cricket players and organizations. In fact, organization involved in providing proper sports guidance and trainings have to bear huge cost for acquisition of top quality of technology-based protective equipments, cricket bats, balls, training devices and obviously computer technologies.

  1. Overruling of Umpires Original Decision

Another negative effect of technology in cricket is that most of the players overrule original decision taken by the umpire because of decision review system. This is a big issue, as umpires mostly remain in charge of the entire game. However, this issue can be overcome via selecting skilled umpires and proper coordination of players.   


In conclusion, technology has given significant contribution towards the enhancement of cricket, as observed from latest pool A and pool B matches of the World Cup Cricket 2015. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of every individual cricketer and each coach to consider technology as a boon for cricket and put efforts to improve gaming performance in future.


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