Techniques To Prevent Your Gmail Account From Hacking

Techniques To Prevent Your Gmail Account From Hacking

Prevent Your Gmail AccountIn the present world every person using the Gmail accounts for various purposes, this is the most affordable things to communicate, manage the information.  However, the Gmail accounts also suffered from the hacking problems. Most of the people also faced various difficulties with this issue, if you are meeting these difficulties then you should take the below tips.

  • Modify your password periodically: Changing the password is helping to prevent the hacking problems, when you need to prevent your Gmail accounts try to make this process it is most essential to prevent your accounts. After the certain period you should change your password completely, and you should remember your password, do not use your name as the password, because it is the main factor in the hacking problems. You must choose the strongest and suitable password do not choose the password related to your prior password.
  • Retrieve your Gmail account: This step will help to improve the security features, if the hacker once log in your account they can able to change your password so you should aware about the Gmail accounts. If you forgot your account password, immediately get the new password by answering the security questions or else you may able to get the new password through your backup email address. Properly check your accounts; it is one of the essential aspects to get the proper security options.
  • Use The 2 Factor Verification: After setting the email accounts, you should enable your account with the two factor authentication methods this process helps to get the secure access. In this process if you login with your account it will also need the pass code and then it requires entering the special code. This process helps to prevent your account from the unauthorized person. The second special use code it is the great options to eliminate the hacking problems.


  • Check the account settings: In some situations, the hackers might make some changes in your email settings, from this they will able to get their required details. With the help of this, they can able to watch your sending as well as receiving emails. To avoid this problem properly check your email settings, like you have to check the forward settings this process also help to predict the unexpected email ids have been added with your contacts. Secondly, you have to check the email signature the hacker might change your email signature also.
  • Install Malware Program: Try to prevent your computer from virus this is the essential factor to log on with your gmail accounts because this will able to cause some difficulties in the process. To protect your system from the threats you should download the advanced version of Malwarebytes  by using this you can scan your system completely. If you also have the malware software, it is best to eliminate the virus. The Malwarebytes help to resolve all the problems, which having capabilities to resolve all the difficulties before logging on your Gmail account; you should scan system with the antivirus this will help to ensure your system performance.
  • Eliminate the same user name: most of the people do not follow the proper rules they use the same user name as varied email accounts, this process leads to various issues. If you have done this then you should change your password immediately and make sure about the password, because by using this password the hackers can able to change any details, and they very well know the common passwords so try to choose the unique passwords.

  Try to follow the steps these are helps to prevent your email accounts from the hacking problems.

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