TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 updated agenda with Sequoia, YC, Lightspeed, Felicis, FTX and more!

TechCrunch Early Stage returns to Boston on April 25, 2024, and the agenda for our flagship founder event is almost complete. We’re excited to share this not-so-sneaky sneak peek at some of the fantastic speakers and sessions we have on tap. For builders who are just starting on their founder journey, TechCrunch Early Stage is absolutely the place to be. We’re enlisting a huge cohort of leading investors and entrepreneurs to dig deep into founder-focused topics such as:

  • How to use startup accelerators.
  • How to raise first capital.
  • How to find product-market fit.
  • How to craft a killer pitch deck.

Early Stage is unlike any other TechCrunch event. Instead of panels and fireside chats, speakers present on their assigned topics and then answer your questions. As always, all attendees get transcripts and visual assets from the presentations, so you can take what you learn with you!

And if you’re the chatty type, you’ll enjoy the roundtable discussions and lots of time to mingle with other founders, builders and investors. You have loads of early-stage questions, and we’ll have the answers for you. More roundtables will be announced closer to the show!

So come down and hang with us on April 25 in Boston for my favorite TechCrunch event, and grab your early-bird pass to save major dollars. See you there!

TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 Agenda Preview

How to Find Product-Market Fit When You Need it Most

With Jess Lee, partner, Sequoia Capital

Everyone in startup land wants one thing: product-market fit. Jess Lee, partner at Sequoia, has experience building and scaling some of the most popular products in the world at Google and as a successful co-founder and CEO. She also has years of experience investing in companies like yours that are searching for that ideal fit.

How to Raise Money and Come Out Alive

With Tom Blomfield, group partner, Y Combinator

There’s an art to raising your first round — especially if you want to do it right and not look back years later and regret terms, conditions or side letters. In this session, Tom will lay out how investors think, the common gotchas that might come back to haunt you later, and how you can put your company in the strongest possible position to raise. After all, who wants to enter the 2024 fundraising hunger games with outdated information?

How to Intelligently Calculate your TAM and Wow Investors

With Tobi Coker, deal partner, Felicis, and  Nabiha Saklayen, co-founder & CEO, Cellino Biotech

How big is your market? Every founder pitching investors and early employees has faced the question. How to properly answer it is anything but simple. There are different ways to measure total addressable market (TAM), a topic that TechCrunch has written about ad nauseum, and with good reason. Without a big market, no startup has a shot at becoming big. And a TAM number that is too big to be believed can make a founder appear ungrounded. Coming up with the largest, reasonable figure is the challenge. If you are a founder building out a pitch deck, or just working on a napkin to sort out whether or not an idea is worth your time, this is the session for you. Tobi Coker from Felicis and Nabiha Saklayen from Cellino will be on hand to describe how they approach TAM from both the investor and founder perspective, and answer your questions.

How to Build an MVP and Navigate the Startup-Industrial Complex

With James Currier, general partner, NFX

The perfect minimum viable product (MVP) is a dance between building just enough to convince potential customers and users that you have created something that they want and need to use, and no more. The siren-song of adding more features, more polish and spending more time is ever-present. NFX’s James Currier will provide his insight on the MVP question, and what he describes as the “startup-industrial complex.” For founders still hard at work on their startup’s first product launch, this is a must-attend session.

The VC Pitch Blueprint: Strategies for Success

With Sara Choi, partner, Wing Venture Capital

Uncover the secrets of successful VC pitching with Sara Choi, partner and biotech investor at Wing Venture Capital. Drawing from her background as a founder turned investor, Sara will reveal the most common misconceptions when pitching a VC, key elements investors want to see in your pitch deck, preparation strategies, ideal presenters and more. This session will arm you with the tools needed to captivate investors, refine your pitch approach and ultimately secure funding.

Building the Investor Relationships You Need — Before You Need Them and in the Right Way

With Lily Lyman, general partner, Underscore VC

Are you looking to raise funding for your startup? Building strong relationships with the right pre-qualified investors is crucial for your success. This session will provide you with a crash course on h