Taylor Swift wildest dreams

Taylor Swift wildest dreams

The “wildest dreams” is one of the most popular songs of Taylor Swift. It is from her album 1989. Taylor Swift always had an entirely different take on love life. She had complicated relationships with her ex-boyfriends. With this song lyric, she asks her ex to remember her presence and the happy times they spent together. They cannot be together anymore even though she requested to remember.

Taylor Swift wildest dreams

This song is the 9th track and the fifth single off the album, and she hopes her lover might just remember the best moments after they split up. The expresses mixed feelings. On one side, she hopes that the memories will last and on the other hand, she knows that these memories cannot be forever. This mixed feeling makes the song unique.

Taylor Swift wildest dreams

Taylor Swift’s reflection

In this song we see Taylor Swift’s reflection for romance in a different style as opposed to any other songs. The way she approached life after she had a breakup with her boyfriend was very idealistic. Most of us would like to hold on to the relationship even though we break up. But this song portrays even though we want to hold on to our relationships after break up, it is not possible. Because maybe we are not meant to be together. This is what the message that this song offers.

Taylor Swift wildest dreams

Wildest dreams portray

The song got a lot of critical reception. A lot of critics during that time came to the opinion that Taylor Swift is capable of taking up the contemporary influences around her and then molding it into something brilliantly original. While few others said that the song was nothing more than just some melodrama. Wildest dreams portray the man as the victim who will remember for the rest of his life what he reluctantly lost. Few critics even went on to the extent of saying that the song was hard to tell whether it was a song of homage or a “parody”.

Taylor Swift wildest dreams

Lana Del Ray

The song inspired a lot from Lana Del Ray. Having a look at the video and lyrics, we see Taylor as the 25-year-old woman who knows that the affair she is into, will not end well. Still, the tall, dark and handsome man tempts her to throw into the relation. This is the song where she makes the best impression of Lana Del Ray. The vocals are lovely, but there is a lack of grit.

Lana Del RayTaylor plunges into a relation with someone who is already involved in a relationship with someone else. And this feeling is exactly the reason she knows it is not going to end up well. It is evident from the lyrics as she sings “He’s so bad, but he does it so well, I can see the end as it begins.”

US Billboard Hot 100’s

The thing that connects this song with the audience is she knows her affair is going to be on a short-lived but still she wants it to be a memorable one. And later, Taylor hopes that the person will someday remember their memorable moments. Wildest dreams initially got the 76th position on the US Billboard Hot 100’s. It was first released as an official single and then it was released in the video format. In the same week after the publication of the video, the song reached number 12th position. And the following week it reached to number 5.

Taylor swift wildest dreams

The video portrays Taylor as an actress of 1950s where she is having an affair with her leading man. But when it is the time for the film to debut, the main hero comes up with his wife. Taylor’s character is heartbroken and perhaps more heartbroken than the song ended. And the video ends with Taylor enters into her car, and as she glances in her rear view mirror, she sees the lead hero running after her car. This was the sixth chart topper on the Radio Songs chart.

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