Taylor Swift stuns her fans with – we are never getting back together

Taylor Swift stuns her fans with – we are never getting back together

Taylor Swift stuns. This is a song that has been recorded for the album Red, officially released in August of 2012. The song has been written and sung by the famous songwriter, Taylor Swift. It was a great hit in the year and won different awards and nomination too. The score also received Grammy Award nomination and won the award for People’s choice for that year.

Taylor Swift stuns

Red, the album was released in September at two major stores, amazon.com and even at US Walmart and till date more than 7 million copies of it has been marketed. This is a clear indication of the popularity of the song in and around the US.

Excellent Lyrics

Lyrics of the song have been a very good presentation, where an old lover longs to reawaken his relationship. This is the bottom line of the lyrics, and that touched the heart of the fans so much that its popularity is still at the peak. Music arrangement with the song includes some traditional pop tune, assisted with master guitar notes and drum beats. Putting everything together, the song can be regarded as a grand presentation from Taylor Swift and the associates.

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Publication in App store

Speak Now was a performance from Taylor in 2010. The song was also a hit, but she was looking for something that can remain in the billboard list. For that, she stayed in touch with Shellback and Martin. With their support, she made her next album Red a popular one, where she along with two other songwriters contributed at their best. Single score was disclosed at a Google chat on August 13th by Taylor. On the next day, her album was released in Google Play store.

Taylor Swift we are never getting back together

Market Achievement

In North America, the song has been downloaded by 1 million users, whereas 0.3 million users have downloaded the digital song. The number of copies that has been marketed in North America, till date is 3.09 million that has broken all other records. The market of the CD in Europe and Oceania has also been remarkable. The number indication, regarding downloads, is near to 0.35 million. Video album of the song and album has also been popular. On YouTube alone, the total number of views is 420 million.

Praises and Live Shows

The song has been appreciated at all levels, and it got immense praise everywhere. On Stage performance on the song has also been a record of all time. It has staged itself in different shows, like the Grammy award of 2013, NRJ Awards and many others. If all the things and attributes of the song are added up, the song can be treated as a lifetime top presentation from Taylor Swift.

we are never getting back together Taylor swift

The music score has been released in the year 2012, and it is still making revenue, as if, it is the last year’s presentation. This indicates the popularity of the track and the video score too. The song, of course, increased the expectation of all Taylor fans in the coming years of her career.

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