Taylor swift New Romantics

The New Romantics is a bonus track, which comes on the deluxe edition of album 1989. This is a single by Taylor Swift. Well, for most of the artists, the bonus tracks are just the addition of those songs that were not really good enough. But for Taylor Swift, this is just the opposite. For Taylor Swift, each and every song is just more than a hit.

Taylor swift New Romantics

Though this one comes as a bonus song, but it will not be a mistake if you want this to be included in the original album tracks. And this is exactly what happened to this song. Her fans wanted her to include this song in her original album tracks.

New Romantics

This is the song that offers us the sound which Taylor was aiming for. It is just a brilliant pop track that comes up with a perfect match of 80’s sound. It includes a brilliant beat that will make you groove. The song is one of the best anthems of Taylor’s life. New Romantics represents perfectly where she stands right now and how she is going to approach love and life.

New Romantics Taylor Swift

Fans can relate to so many lyrics of this song and this is why it became so much loved by them. New Romantics became the second best song in 2014. After its release as a single in February 2016, the song was in a 28th position of the mainstream Top 40 and it reached to 26th position of Adult top 40.

Lead a happy life

The song portrays how Taylor feels exactly right now about life. She learned that she does not need to be with any guy to lead a happy life. All she needs is to be in love with her and keep her friends close. Some are also of the opinion that she is keeping herself too busy enjoying her life that no one can let her down.

Taylor Swift New Romantics video

The line “best people in life are free” is a shout out to her friends. She is at such a point in her life that she appreciates the relationships that she won’t have to work for. Her friends have her back, no matter what and they don’t expect anything in return.

New Romantics

Lyrically, there is no question that New Romantics has got a prose that will stay in your mind forever. It is just like the popular movie line that can be used anytime. Each song of Taylor is special in their own way. New Romantics have got the best verses in the whole album of 1989.

Taylor Swift New Romantics video

The best part is, this song is filled with an energizing approach and offers such positive vibes. This is what gives life to such simple yet memorable lyrics. The lyrics represent day to day routine life, the romantic relationships, and breakups, suppressing the feelings during the day and letting them out at night. Listening to this song will offer you a euphoric feeling. It starts slow but it evolves fast into a banger song. The song is delivered in Swift’s combination of sweetness and intensity which has a uniqueness from all other songs of 1989.

Taylor Swift New Romantics video

Now the question that comes is who was this song written for? The song seems to be written for everyone. But fans believe that it is written for Taylor’s best friend Selena Gomez. Now this is just a rumor, but if you know about the rough patches that Selena Gomez went through, then you know that the song was written to support her.

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New Romantics that released

There was a music video on New Romantics that released on Apple Music exclusive. The New Romantics video was also available on Swift’s Vevo and YouTube channels. The music video of New Romantics is a love letter to her fans and the celebration of the 1989 era. The song is about being young yet being free. The New Romantics was also in the top of the iTunes chart soon after it released.

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