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Whenever we decree the end of bobbed hair and we decide to grow our hair with objective XXL – that this summer are among other things of great tendencies – a new star decides to revolutionize his hairlook, thus refuting our theory and giving eternity to bob hair. Not only that: as soon as we see a bob we are immediately tempted to make an appointment with the hairdresser to cut away the centimeters of “too much” (which are the same ones that allow us to queue but so on). It happened to us with the haircut of Dua Lipa, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid is, last but not least, Taylor Hill who bet on a yoke that will become copied.

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The former Angel of Victoria’s Secret has published on her Instagram profile a gallery of images in which she says “Goodbye” to her kilometric hair with which we have seen her parading so many times. Not only that: the cut, made by the hairdresser Danilo, has exactly the characteristics necessary for convince those who intended to leave i long hair:

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    And the perfect length. The cut is between a bobsleigh it’s a long bob, or what we could describe as the perfect hair midi that we have already indicated as one of the reference trends for summer 2020. A length that touches the shoulders, and that helps to frame the face without making a change. In short, it is ideal for those who are afraid of cutting their hair.

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    It’s a timeless cut. As pointed out by the Eduardo S├ínchez Maison, the helmet is always refined and at the same time versatile. It is a straight cut, but with slight scaling in the front that give movement to the lengths.

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    It fits well with both row in the middle both on one side. Speaking of versatility again, Taylor Hill also shows that this type of cut allows us to play every day.

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    It is perfect if combined withwet look. From the photos that Taylor Hill has published, in two of them we can see how her hair is slightly wet ideal for days on the beach. Or even for let it air dry after a dive in the sea or in a swimming pool and obtain a very fresh appearance without any effort.

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