27 Creative Tattoo and Piercing Combinations

Tattoo and piercing combination is a beautiful work of art on your body. Piercings can complement the look of your tattoo. There are various types of piercings that can be matched to your specific tattoo. For instance, a belly button tattoo can be combined with a traditional piercing inserted through the flesh. On the other hand, back tattoos may require surface piercings.

Urban Body Jewelry

23. Bird Tattoo with Piercing

If your tattoos or piercings are very visible then it can easily attract attention from other people.

24. Star Tattoo with Piercing

Tattoos With Piercings In Them

Most likely, tattoos and piercings can lessen your chances of getting a job.

25. Tiger Tattoo Piercing

Tiger Tattoo Piercing

If you are unsure of getting a tattoo or a piercing then it’s ok to leave the studio even after booking an appointment.

26. Shoulder Flower Tattoo

Triple Little Snake Flowers

Some people may judge you for having this body art on your body, so be ready for what these people have to say.

27. Realistic Tattoo

Unique Tattoo And Piercing Combination

If you want your tattoo to look more realistic then adding a pierced accent is the best way to do it.

Risks of Tattoo And Piercing Combination

Before getting a tattoo or a piercing, you must be aware of its risks and complications. First of all, tattoos have a high risk of tetanus and infection. Primarily, this is due to the chemicals or inks used for tattooing. Do you know that most inks consist of metallic and iron pigments? This type of chemicals can result in burns when used during x-ray and MRI procedures. On the other hand, there are also some which use permanent makeup on the face which consists of latex, plastics, plant extracts, or azo pigments which are used for painting a car. All of these chemicals can cause allergic reactions.

Body piercing is not actually new since it has been observed for centuries. Body piercing is commonly placed in the earlobes but recently it can be seen in different parts of the body. Aside from infection, it can also lead to other complications such as keloid, perpetual bleeding, deferred healing, skin rashes, allergic reactions, and others. Oral piercings may lead to gum and tooth damage. If tongue piercings are not properly placed then it may cause nerve damage. Sometimes infections are very hard to prevent.

In order to minimize any risks, it is important to check if the facility is thoroughly clean, safe and reputable. All the equipment needed must be properly sterilized. Always follow the guidelines on how to care for your skin. Tattoos can be removed, but it can be very painful and may leave some scars on your body. Once you’ve stopped placing jewelry on your piercing, it will eventually be sealed.

How To Look For The Right Studio

There are safe and unsafe studios out there, so be sure to look for the right one. Make sure that the studio is clean. Ask your friends if they have ever gone to that studio. Always ensure that the studio is always using new and sterilized needles. Also, the tattooist or piercer must always wear new gloves. Shaving razors must be thrown away after using them. Piercing guns must only be used on the earlobes and not on other parts of the body. A decent tattoo and piercing studio will always spend time answering your questions. So, be sure to ask the appropriate questions. Choose an artist that can make you feel comfortable so that you can get the design that you really want.

Piercings should never be done at home. It should only be conducted by professional piercers who have appropriate equipment. These experts are very knowledgeable about the location of your nerves. DIY piercings may lead to nerve damage, infection and other consequences that can cause pain and harm to your body.

The cost of tattoos and piercings usually vary depending on its size and type as well as the jewelry that you want to wear. It will also depend on where you want to place it. Before having a tattoo or a piercing, be sure to eat a good meal and drink lots of water so that you will be able to handle the pain. It’s not advisable to get it done if you are drunk since it may cause excessive bleeding.

Caring For Tattoos and Piercings

In order to avoid any infections or complications, it is very important to observe proper care. The bandage on your tattoo must not be removed for 24 hours. Upon removing the bandage, don’t forget to apply antibiotic ointment on your skin. Use water and plain soap in cleaning your tattoo. As much as possible avoid any exposure from the sun for a couple of weeks. Also, avoid touching the tattoo unless it is already completely healed. Before you clean your piercings, you must wash your hands first. Clean the piercings with the use of a saltwater solution. Moisten a gauze in the solution and apply it on your new piercing. Do this at least twice a day. Avoid over-cleaning it since it can irritate the skin and it takes too long to heal.

Tattoo and piercing combination can be removed however not completely. Sometimes it will leave some scars on your body. This process is also a bit expensive. According to the FDA, the safest way to remove tattoos such as Arabic Mehndi designs is via laser surgery. This procedure must be done by a reputable dermatologist. Piercings will naturally close, once you remove the jewelry. Some piercings may require surgical procedures in order to remove them.

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