Tasmania in winter: Everything You Must Know For Your Winter Trip

Tasmania in winter: The rugged beauty of Tasmania takes on a pleasant quality in winter. The fresh air from the mountains to the Eucalyptus trees and the falling snow dust gives you a different impression. Apart from apple cider, singing and chocolate, the festivals celebrated during winter create unique winter solstice in the region. Clear nights are an ideal choice for stargazing to explore southern lights Tasmania in winter. In addition, a casual open fire in Tasmania in winter is equally perfect for a sip of some Tasmanian whiskey.

Top places to visit in Tasmania in winter

Here are some of the best places to visit in Tasmania during winter:

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1. Richmond

Richmond is a small historical town located 25 kilometers from Hobart. The city is located in the center of the Cole River Valley wine region. It is an ideal place to visit Tasmania in winter, as you can roam anywhere for a few hours along the river to see the many historical buildings located nearby.

best for: Historic Site.
How to reach: Richmond is a 30-minute drive from Hobart or 40 minutes by bus.
Top things to see and do: Visit Australia’s oldest gaol, see Old Hobart Town Model Village, taste wines at one of the four wineries, stop by the Richmond Bridge and take a walk in the city.

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2. Hobart

The southern capital of Australia is a delightful city to plan for a few days’ trips. Walking the streets here, you will easily discover many popular historical sites, spectacular harbor views and colonial era buildings. It is considered the best place to visit in Tasmania in winter for a thorough exploration.

best for: Historic site, view.
How to reach: It takes 2 hours to fly from Sydney to Hobart and 1 hour 15 minutes from Melbourne. You can also take a ship boat from Melbourne to the soul of Tasmania, which usually takes 9 hours 30 minutes.
Top things to see and do: Take a stroll through Salamanca Place and shop at nearby markets. Take a drink at one of Australia’s oldest breweries, visit the Museum of Old and New Art, head back to Battery Point ahead of time and relax at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

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3. Wellington Mountains

Mount Wellington is a 20-minute drive from Hobart CBD and is considered one of the many popular places to visit in Tasmania in winter. It is situated above the city and therefore offers optimum views as well as forest paths along the way for the most walks in the region. It brings a real, thrilling and fun feeling inside you as you explore new things such as those close to nature’s reward.

best for: Nature, scenery, outdoor lover.
How to reach: Mount Wellington is a 38-minute drive from Hobart. Buses run from Franklin Square to the city of Fern Tree in Hobart CBD.
Top things to see and do: Take it slow with some bushwalking, practice rock climbing. If you are an experienced climber, do a 4WD tour, get active and cycle around the tracks, and snap some pictures at the summit.

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4. Bruni Island

Away from Tasmania’s southeastern coast is Australia’s most popular island of Bruni, with its rugged sea reefs, fur seals, angel penguins, sea caves and abundant bird life. It is here that you witness many flora and fauna on this island which gives heavenly pleasure to lovers of nature and wildlife. They are welcomed here, especially in winter season, especially for winter exploration, especially with the abundance of sceneries and a venue.

best for: Scenes, nature lovers, wildlife explorers.
How to reach: Bruni Island is an hour’s drive from Hobart, including a 40-minute drive and a 20-minute ferry north of the island from Kettering.
Top things to see and do: Visit the Cape Bruni Lighthouse, take a jungle cruise, see South Bruni National Park, contemplate the Neck Lookout and enjoy the local food and scenery.

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Top things to do in Tasmania in winter

When you are exploring Tasmania during winter, here are some things:

1. Experience Midwinter Festivals

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) hosts the Midwinter Festival Dark MOFO in June every year. Its main attractions include Winter Fest, which appeals to thousands of food lovers and Winter Solstice Nude Swim, in which people of all ages are brave. Chili temperature for swimming naked in the Derwent River.

place: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

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2. Follow the enchanted walk

Travel to Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park and follow the enchanted walk through the rainy Beasveld with snow in winter. Or you can also wander around the gleaming Dove Lake under the black spiers of Cradle Mountain. It is one of the best things to do in Tasmania in winter.

place: Tasmania, Australia.

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3. Take part in the Chocolate Winterfest

Chill Chocolate Winterfest gives chocolate lovers countless reasons to visit Tasmania in winter. The festival takes place at Latrobe in the Northern Tasmania region to offer plenty of chocolate to taste as well as to learn how you can enjoy your chocolate.

place: Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia.

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4. Comfortable with fire in a luxury lodge

Winter is another well-kept secret in Tasmania. Stay at Safire, a luxury lodge that directs the Hazard mountain range, the Friscinset peninsula and the ancient Great Oyster Bay. In the daytime, you can ace the wide mountain scenery or walk on the vivid blue curves of Vineglass Bay. At night, a roar is seen staring at the sky with groups or stars next to the fire.

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Very excited? Travel to Tasmania in winter for amazing experiences of natural beauty, wildlife, culture, adventure, nightlife and much more and visit this mind-blowing destination. Your winter vacation in Australia will simply be worthwhile with this travel guide.

Frequently asked questions about Tasmania in winter

If you have planned a trip to Tasmania, it is most likely that you will have many questions to ask the professionals there. So, here are some answers that can help you travel to places without any worries, especially when planning a winter trip.

Q. What can you do in Tasmania at night?

a. There are things you can do in Tasmania such as going for a candle-light dinner, indulging in a chocolate winter fest, and coitus in a luxury lodge.

Q. What can a family do in Tasmania in winter?

a. Some of the activities that families can do in Tasmania in winter include:
1. Go to Seashore World
2. Explore Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs
3. Ride the Don River Railway

Q. How safe is Tasmania for travelers?

a. Tasmania is a very safe place for travelers. The crime rate here is low, with some less serious offenses such as pickpocketing.

Q. Where can I take children in Tasmania?

a. Top places to visit in Tasmania with children include:
1. Cradle Mountains
2. Cataract Gorge
3. Low Head Penguin Tours
4. Freycinet National Park
5. Trouvna Wildlife Park

Q. What is Tasmania famous for?

a. Tasmania is famous for its fine foods and cuisine, especially high quality cheese, wine and chocolate. The venue is also home to breweries of some of Australia’s most respected modern beer brands, such as Cascade and Boggs.

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