Tasmania in January: All You Need To Know About This Australian City

Tasmania in January: There is no doubt that Tasmania is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Its iconic tourist attractions, especially many of the best beaches, harbors and endless walking tracks add that thrilling element to this beautiful city where you should plan a tour at least once.

As Tasmania offers almost everything a visitor wants, the city is visited by travelers throughout the year. If you are planning to visit this amazing city in the month of January then you must know about the weather Tasmania in January Apart from knowing your amazing things to do in the city. This will ensure your ideal holiday enjoyment in a pleasant time there.

Best time to visit Tasmania

A dry and warm period in January is best for a trip to Tasmania. Don’t let the crowds of tourists and high-priced rooms in hotels heat you up as this picturesque city has various summer festivals and is perfect for hiking and scuba diving activities. As a tourist, plan your trip according to your stay to be delightful in various activities.

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Best things to do in Tasmania in January

It is best that you can go on a trip to Tasmania in January, whether you are looking for leisure, wildlife or adventure activities. This place gives you ample opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of things during your January tour in this world famous city. Some notable activities that you can include are:

1. White Water Rafting

With many breath-taking rapids, white water rafting is one of the most exciting thrilling sports in Tasmania in the month of January. No matter whether you are one of the beginners or are experts in this adventure activity, this famous sport is open to everyone especially on this occasion. All you need to do is splash in sober as well as spartan rapids to gather some strength and fold into safety gear.

Where to: Franklin River in Tasmania.
Average price: Starting from INR 7,000 / -.

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2. Hang Gliding

Ever dreamed of flying freely like a bird? Hang gliding in Tasmania is one of the popular things that can make your dream come true. Gaping a bird’s eye of the high and beautiful landscape in the infinite sky as you unfold this awe-inspiring activity during your journey that makes it special. Just by indulging in this adventure game one can feel its climbing and prosperity as an activity that you cannot ignore during your January trip.

Average price: Starting from INR 8,000 / -.

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3. Walk on the overland track

It is one thing to see Cradle Mountain, but crossing that vast tract of Tasmanian forest during a 6-day trek is a very enjoyable experience and experience. You can choose to stay in public huts if you are on a budget, or try the Cradle Mountain Hawk Walk instead for a more casual approach. So, you are shining at its premium!

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Best places to visit in Tasmania in January

The best places to visit to face the real vibe of Tasmania in the month of January are:

1. Museum of Old and New Art (Mona)

Established in the year 2011, MONA has become one of Tasmania’s top attractions in less than a decade. It has been attracting art lovers from all over the world every day. The museum is also known for its extensive mix of ancient and modern artifacts.

place: 655 Main Rd, Berrydale TAS 7011, Australia.
entrance fees: INR 1,768 / –

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2. Salamanca Market

The iconic Salamanca Market is a picture-perfect place to proof the unforgettable Tasmanian experience that you will cherish forever. Held every Saturday for more than three decades, it brings together musicians, island artisans and local produce. It is here that you can really explore the rich cultural diversity of the region. Historic sandstone buildings and the waterfront location here provide a beautiful backdrop for the experience of this market. It is as full of locals as travelers.

place: Salamanca PL, Hobart TAS 7001, Australia.

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3. Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe touring in Tasmania during your January trip can be one of your best things. Mount Field National Park has Horseshoe Falls located in the center of the country. Watch in awe as the water slopes down on the rock-like slope.

place: Mount Field TAS 7140, Australia.

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4. Cataract Gorge

Another observable common occurrence of Tassi is the Cataract Gorge Sanctuary in Tasmania, just 15 minutes’ walk from Launceston city center. Apart from its lovely, natural walking track, expansive views, a pool and a restaurant, you can also see peacocks and wallabies here, especially at sunset.

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Best place to stay in Tasmania in January

Following are the best places to stay in Tasmania in the month of January:

1. Hobart: Islington Hotel

Islington is a delightful boutique hotel located in the South Hobart area. This is far from the usual experience often gained at accommodation of this caliber.

place: 321 Dewey St., South Hobart TAS 7000, Australia.
Average price: INR 52,952 / -.

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2. Cradle Mountain Hotel

The Cradle Mountain Hotel is a unique accommodation with a magnificent lake and endless expanse of hindland, rich with its wildlife richness.

place: 3718 Cradle Mountain Rd, TAS 7310, Australia.
Average price: INR 33,083 / -.

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3. Comfort in gold rush

The Comfort in Gold Rush is an example of the hospitality of the Australian country which tries its best to enjoy and cherish forever. Located in the Tasmanian countryside, it is the best place to stay in Tasmania in the month of January.

place: 65 Betticut St., Queenstown TAS 7467, Australia.
Average price: INR 7,053 / -.

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4. Arkona Manor

With its luxurious accommodation, Arkona Manor offers a complete soothing experience to feel you. It is basically a place where you can come and be happy without feeling the need to give up the qualities.

place: 13 E Barrack St, Deloraine TAS 7304, Australia.
Average price: INR 17, 309 / -.

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Very excited? Then book your tickets for Tasmania and make the most of your trip to Australia and enjoy these fantastic adventure games in addition to exploring the beautiful beauty of beautiful Tasmania in the month of January. Surely, you will always have a wonderful experience to remember.

Frequently asked questions about Tasmania in January

Q. January is a good time to visit Tasmania?

a. Yes, a dry and warm period in January is a good time and is best suited for travel to Tasmania.

Q. Where should I go in Tasmania in January?

a. The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona.), Horseshoe Falls, Salamanca Market and Cataract Gorge Reserve are the best places to visit in Tasmania during the month of January.

Q. What is Tasmania famous for?

a. Tasmania is famous for its finest foods and dishes, especially its high quality cheeses, wines and chocolates. The place is also home to breweries of Australia’s most respected modern beer brands such as Cascade and Boggs.

Q. How safe is Tasmania?

a. Tasmania is one of the safest places to live in the Southern Hemisphere. The population here does not exceed 500,000. All the best security measures for the locals as well as tourists are done here.

Q. January is an ideal month for hang gliding in Tasmania?

a. Yes, January is a perfect month for hang gliding as the weather is dry and hot in this month.

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