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Target the cause and treat the skin, this summer

Target the cause and treat the skin, this summer

Target the reason: When the temperature rises, many of us suffer a lot. This is due to excessive sweating. These days when the heat is soaring, high people tend to fall ill. The body is getting dehydrated and they are suffering from problems like typhoid, dehydration, fever, and diarrhea. Excessive water loss from the body makes it lethargic and undoubtedly skin loses its luster.

Your skin will look dull and dry like an apple skin that is kept outside the refrigerator for a few hours, all wrinkled and lifeless. You are using all your cosmetics and natural preventive measures but of no use. External factors will only be beneficial if you pay attention to internal factors as well. Target the cause and treat the skin.

The reason that lies at the root of deteriorating is the lack of enough water in the body. You can’t drink more than 2-3 liters of water, then how will your body make up for the loss? Despite increasing your water intake, you need to add following eatables in your daily diet so that your skin and health shows the luster it deserves

Target the cause
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It is one of the common vegetables that are full of water quantity, well known to everyone. During summers have more of cucumbers because of following reasons-

  1. It will make up for the loss that the body has occurred due to sweating and workouts.
  2. Keeps the body hydrated.
  3. Sweep away the toxins from the body.
  4. Problems like gas and acidity.

Apart from eating this beautiful vegetable, you may not know that it is an excellent soother for the body. Grate it and apply it on your face. No wonder you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Two thin pieces when kept at eyes helps in relaxing. It helps in cooling the body and maintains body temperature. Make masks and face packs using cucumber water. Have more of it in your diet and on skin. Extracting its juice and then making ice cubes of it is one of the most refreshing options of beating the heat. Roll these ice cubes on your face whenever you feel the heat in the body.


It is one of the most popular fruits that is eaten in every house. It is an excellent fruit during summers. It is a must for picnics and summers. The fruit that contains 92% of water is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and cons very fewer calories. When you eat this tasty fruit, you save yourself from following problems-

  1. It prevents Asthma
  2. Helpful in hypertension.
  3. Attack on the cancer-causing radicals.
  4. Keep constipation at bay with its water and fiber content.
  5. An excellent snack for preventing dehydration.
  6. It helps in reducing inflammation.
  7. It helps in recovering the loss during exercise.

Though watermelon is good for overall health, it works miracles on your skin as well. It contains vitamin A that helps keep hair moisturized. This feature also helps in the growth of the body, skin, and hair tissues.

It also helps in maintaining and building collagen. It also helps in making skin and hair look healthier and shiny. Use its juice directly on your face or add it with multanimitti or gram flour while making masks and packs.

Mint leaves

It is one of the cooling agents during summers. These small green leaves are full of qualities that are needed for cooling the body. When you add it in your daily diet, it will provide you with the following benefits-

  1. It helps in the digestion of food.
  2. Add these tasty leaves in your aam paana. It will cure you from harsh and hot winds called, loo.
  3. It helps with dehydration.
  4. It aids the digestive system by helping the food easily digestible.
  5. Improves hunger.

Mint leaves can be used for making chutneys. Adding it leaves in your curd or raita is an equally good option to get its incredible benefits. As these leaves are seasonal, you can not get the whole year-round. So it’s better to dry these leaves and crush them. Sprinkle this powder on your curds, lassi, or raita to enjoy the taste. Mixing it with black salt and pepper is another useful way of making the best use of these scented leaves.


During summers, lemon is also helpful in treating dehydration. Make sure that your refrigerator, never run short of it. Lemon full of citric acid is not only useful to the digestive system, but also takes good care of skin. It contains citric acid that is known as a natural bleacher. If you apply lemon daily on your face for a few days you will notice that your skin starts looking fairer. It treats blemishes as well. Use it in your plan water, on salads, onion rings or directly to any water made mocktails. Whatever is the medium is going to provide you with the following benefits-

  1. It cleans uric acid, hence lever works properly.

  2. Helpful in digestion and constipation.

  3. Cures fever by increasing perspiration

  4. Helps in getting rid of toothache.

  5. An excellent cure for hair problems like dandruff and problems related to scalp and hair.

  6. Provides shine to hair.

  7. Relieves from sun burn

  8. Helps in relieving pain from bee stings

  9. Effective for skin problems like eczema and acne.

  10. Drinking lemon water with honey helps in bringing a glow to the skin.

  11. Relief from the pain of burns.

  12. Helpful in reducing the scars’ stops nose bleeding.

  13. Helpful in reducing weight loss.

Moreover, lemon juice contains antiseptic property, so it helps stop internal bleeding. Soak cotton all in lemon juice and keep it inside your nose. This will stop nose bleeding. If you are tired then soak your feet in water mixed with lemon juice. This will help you relax and feel rejuvenated. If you are suffering from corn in hands or feet, apply lemon juice at the corn, and see the difference.

Golden mantras for looking after your skin during summers

  1. Never leave your home without applying sunscreen. The sunscreen that is perfect for your skin type.

  2. Cover your hair with a scarf and eyes with sun shades.

  3. Don’t forget to carry your water bottle.

  4. Picking an umbrella would be too good for your skin.

  5. Avoid roadside eatables especially uncooked and water based.

  6. Drink enough water. Drinking aam paana and lime water will help you fight back the hot winds of summers.

  7. Soak tamarind along with gur (jaggery ) at night. In the morning stain all the residues of the tamarind. Add black salt and pepper to this paste along with mint crushed mint leaves, add enough water to suit your taste. Drink this water often during summers. It will help you fight back the beating heat of the season.

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