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Taking a Look Into the History of Sleigh Beds

The sleigh beds are very reminiscent of the sledges of the ancient era. That’s how they got their name. They have platforms and curved heads and on the whole they have a strong resemblance to the ancient horse-drawn sleighs.

Traditionally, they were made of wood. People placed them right in the center of their rooms to highlight it as the main piece of furniture in that room. Sled beds were considered a style statement and it was a matter of pride to own one.

Napoleon’s days

Traces of these designs were found in the early Roman era. It is a remarkable fact that Napoleon himself liked the concept and made them popular during a certain period in France known as the Empire period. The Empire period lasted no more than 25 years, i.e. from 1795 to 1820.

Gaining popularity in the United States

They arrived in the United States around the year 1815 and became very popular. This particular period was also known as the period of the American Empire since it was heavily influenced by the French Empire. Things have changed a lot since then, as you can now also find the king’s size on the market.

Design difference

Unlike modern designs, some of these previous designs were ornate and expensive. They were mostly owned by the upper classes as they were the only ones who could afford them. The headboard and footboards were curved upwards and rolled at the ends, almost in complete circles.

Descended south

In the early years, they became very popular in the southeastern United States. In the United States, they are known as French beds. In addition to wood, they are also made of leather.

Some of the modern manufacturers have failed to retain their essence. Those who managed to preserve it have made many changes to these projects.

The contemporary sled ones are generally made of wood, iron, steel and aluminum. Leather is also often used in their construction.

Today they are used all over the world. Well, that’s all about the history of sled beds. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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