Jumpstart a Real Estate Management Career With This $30 Training Bundle

Real Estate Management Career

Real Estate Management Career: If you are considering making a career in real estate, then start pursuing your goals with a well-rounded education on the subject. The Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Training Bundle is a seven-course, 85-lesson deep dive into a thriving field of real estate management, available for under $ 30. To … Read more

After Growing Up On Food Stamps WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum Now Owns At Least $350 Million In California Real Estate

Jan Koum, the billionaire founder of the communications app WhatsApp, is doing pretty well for himself these days. He’s got a $10 billion net worth owing mostly to his stake in WhatsApp, and has become known for his collection of automobiles, particularly those of the Ferrari and Porsche varieties. He doesn’t just collect cars, though … Read more

Jeff Bezos Buys New Property Adjoining His Beverly Hills Compound For $10 Million

In April of this year, Jeff Bezos spent $ 165 million on a massive resort in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Now Dirt.com reports that he apparently wanted even more space, purchasing another adjacent property for $ 10 million that adjoins his existing estate, a house that dates back to 1930. It’s unclear … Read more

An Investor’s Guide to Investment Property Tax Deductions

Maintaining investment properties can reduce an investor’s income tax when certain investment related expenses are deducted from his income. Expenses related to the maintenance of rental properties are generally deducted from the investor’s gross income. If allowed as a tax deduction, the requested amounts will reduce the total taxable income and reduce the investor’s tax … Read more

Ariana Grande Has Bought More Than $20 Million In Real Estate This Month Alone

Ariana Grande Has Bought More Than $20 Million In Real

Ariana Grande seems to be on a buying spree lately. She recently bought a Hollywood Hills home for $ 13.7 million, and now Dirt.com reports that it also purchased the historic Porter House in Montecito for $ 6.75 million. Seller? None other than a comedian, talk show host and professional pinball machine Ellen Degeneres, who … Read more

Former Billionaire Kylie Jenner Has Spent More Than $130 Million On Real Estate And A Private Jet In The Past Year

Poor little Kylie Jenner. It has been proven that the 22-year-old lipstick tycoon is not a billionaire after all. And there is a drama around that, but we will come back to that later. Right now, we want to look at the incredible amount of money Kylie has spent on real estate and other luxury … Read more