Sword & Shield’s Camping Is The Most Humane Way To Capture

Pokémon Camp allows players to humanely add Pokémon to their teams without invading their natural habitats and extensively injuring them.

Capturing Pokémon may seem like a harmless hobby, but morally it’s not much different than keeping wild animals in captivity. This is especially true for trainers who capture hundreds of Pokémon during a playthrough only to keep the majority of them tucked away in a digital storage system. These creatures were ripped from their natural environments and forced to live inside Pokéballs against their will. However, there is a way for trainers to let the Pokémon decide whether they want to be on their team.

Pokémon: Sword & Shield released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019, and continued the tradition of adding quirky game mechanics to the Pokémon franchise. For example, players were introduced to Pokémon Camp, which allowed them to hang out with their Pokémon. In addition to playing fetch and observing their Pokémon interacting with one another, campers can also cook 151 different types of curry to complete their Curry Dex.

Pokémon Camp has one major utility outside of good food and much-needed relaxation, and that’s the ability to attract wild Pokémon. Each route has a unique group of Pokémon that can appear at the players’ camps, and these camp Pokémon can even appear Shiny. Not only is this a unique way to encounter Pokémon, but it’s also the most humane way to recruit Pokémon to a team.

Pokémon Camp Offers A Humane Solution To Capturing Pokémon

Morally, there is already a dilemma with how trainers treat their Pokémon. Having these wild animals fight against one another for sport makes Pokémon battles seem more abusive than ethical, but it’s even worse when considering that these creatures were recruited to fight against their will. It would be marginally better if these Pokémon chose to fight in these battles, but the fundamental method of obtaining Pokémon requires trainers to invade their natural habitats. While close bonds between Pokémon and trainers can be formed over time, Pokémon Camp offers a solution that allows these relationships to start off on the right foot.

The Pokémon that appear after cooking curry in Pokémon Camp are willingly asking the trainer if they can join their team. This way, players don’t have to venture into the wild and beat a Pokémon into a near-death state to build a viable team. Trainers may be forced to select their first Pokémon, but Pokémon Camp is made available shortly after the start of Sword & Shield. Instead of abusing wild animals and further encouraging Pokémon to hide from humans, players should take the time to camp and attract willing teammates.

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