Swiss Legend – The Watches That Make All Men Giddy

Swiss Legend – The Watches That Make All Men Giddy
The Swiss Legend name is known all over the world for beautiful timepieces that are impressive and well made. They are always at the same time iconic and functional. Swiss Legend has been creating sophisticated and beautiful watches and these watches are popular with men of all ages.

Swiss Legend is one of the biggest watchmakers in the world and they have been running since 1860. They are known for creating amazing and functional timepieces that make use of modern technologies to create elegant and beautiful timepieces. The company was created by watchmaker Louis Brandt in 1853. The original collections of the company were aimed mainly to serve the luxury and wealthy customers. However, with the progression of time, the creation of more affordable lines became lucrative.

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With every year, Swiss Legend has created more beautiful and functional watches. They are available in 300 locations around the world. Their watches are also available online and they have their website up and running so it is easy to purchase online.


As a watch company, Swiss Legend favors class and elegance above all else. Every year they create about 100 new models and continue to improve their quality. While some companies create several variations of the same model, Swiss Legend watches take a different stance. They incorporate different styles for various occasions.

Since their inception, Swiss Legend has been perfecting their products so that they can appeal to a wide range of customers. Each watch they produce has a certain style that is unique and defines the company. According to their research, customers love variety and they like being able to express themselves through numerous lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle Choices

Their heritage shines through with their beautiful and functional timepieces. They are always creating new models to meet the demands of their customers. While there are many watches that have a classic look, Swiss Legend really puts their products through an rigorous process to develop their products.

All of their watches are created with a certain amount of elegance and class. Although they are affordable, these watches offer a certain level of quality as well. It is easy to see why their watches are so well received by so many people.

Product Selection

Every year, Swiss Legend release a new line of watches with impressive features. Since their watches are well above average quality wise, they are easily able to meet the demands of their customers. After all, the value of a watch does not depend on how nice it is, but rather on how well it is able to serve its purpose.

Despite that fact, their line of watches varies in many ways. They have several collections such as Baseliac, Ceramica, Elegant, and Humm. Ceramica is their most sought after collection. It contains all their usual models in various colors and styles. The same watch in either collection has a significant premium built into it.

These watches’ prices range from under $1000 to over $4000; almost any price range seems to fit into this price range.

Oily mash – steam works radii watches

Sushi – fresh taste from the wings

Zacatecas – their most sought after collection

Ceramic – very durable, lightly-cracked

Miimon – Miimon contribution goes into their foundation

Neptune – foundation of the company, very unique

Articulated – artistic signature

Invicta – new design for the next generation

Omega – their brightest star

PX 007 – the strength and function behind PX 007

endorsed – a variety of apparels complimenting a quality watch

unisex – largely recommended to male wearers

Evenings – black-colored – self winding

Short – inventively designed

euromagnetism – heavily discounted their new designs

Endeavor – new model with improved machinery and features

uster – enthusiastic

pire above – high-end confident

Worlds greatest – very accurate and very unique

Layered – very different that is flexible and can be worn with many outfits

Champion – highly dedicated team

ace – very confident

liest – extremely hard to beat

udos – extremely specific correlation between watch and outfit

devoted – extremely happy with their watches

Timepieces for life – unbeatable style with exceptional performance

fanatic – very happy with their purchased timepieces

Competent – artistic and intelligent regarding the products they use

tle – very happy with it’s purchased timepieces

Reserve – artistic and thoughtful

Sports – functional and stylish

strident – extremely happy with purchased timepieces

Outsider – has unique and out of the regular

collections – specific and out of the regular

City – great for business

Sporty – adventurous and fun

Artistic – artistic and relaxed

ceremonial – extremely happy with their purchased timepieces

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