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The world of scented candles it has to do with beauty, of course, but also with the environment. Where by “environment” we mean the home, but also and above all the world in which we live and the air we breathe.

Room fragrances: the right one for every room

Perhaps not everyone knows that scented candles, while burning, could emit – in addition to the fragrance – also toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene, which can irritate the lungs.

And from here begins the story of Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez that, through Amen, look for an alternative as beautiful as safe. Thus was born Amen a collection of candles based on vegan natural oil wax, non-toxic that combines sustainability and very high olfactory and design research.

If on the one hand the candles are handmade Grasse in France (always considered the world capital of perfume), on the other the vase containing the candle is in porcelain and made in the legendary Limoges, which has been producing pottery since the late 18th century.

And the fragrances? Here too nothing is left to chance. Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez completely embraced thearomatherapy, producing 7 perfumes, one for each of the chakras. The collection will be complete with his 7 CHAKRA in autumn with 4 new essences.

The essences have been selected with the main Yoga Meccas and Gurus from all over the world to create pure essences that help our chakras to align body, mind and soul in balance:

The third eye: JAZMIN

The heart: ROSES

The roots: VETIVER

All three are currently available in Italy from Corso Como 10 in Milan

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