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Sustainable fashion: Tiziano Guardini autumn winter 2020 2021

Sustainable fashion: Tiziano Guardini autumn winter 2020 2021

Be light. Be light. It is the title of Tiziano Guardini’s autumn-winter 2020 2021 collection, one of the most famous eco-designers in Italy (he won the first Green Carpet Award for Emerging Designer and was selected for The Next Green Talents), among the first to talk about sustainability and respect for nature.

It’s time to go home. By designing the collection, I imagined a dynamic, metropolitan woman who, however, feels the need to reconnect with nature, returns to the lake, to the abandoned family home, dressed in ancient wallpapers and permeated with memories “, said Guardini, in the occasion of the presentation on February 20 in the middle of Milan Fashion Week.

Sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion

Muse of the designer, the artist Kiki Smith, who in the last three decades has investigated, dismembered and re-assembled the theme of nature, with its magical and extremely feminine side. The forms mostly refer to the 70s – 80s, a little child of the flowers, and a little expression of that concreteness typical of the “Milan to drink” of the economic boom.

Recycled Fabrics

“90 percent of the fabrics are recycled, they come from production overstocks,” explains Tiziano. Jacquards, for example, are from Lanificio Cerruti and makeup skirts, pants, and blazers, combined with the regenerated materials of Tex Moda, also used for outerwear. The recycled Econyl nylon by Aquafil is also back in its collection, obtained from the recovery of fishing nets that gives life to the colorful duvets.

A collaboration that I am particularly proud of is that with the historic Venetian weaving company Luigi Bevilacqua, which has allowed us to work with precious brocades. The accessories are still made only with upcycled crystals by Swarovski. Gargoyle-shaped is signed by Gianni De Benedittis, the Salento designer. The narrative thread is closely connected to that of the gargoyles applied close to the spiers of the Gothic cathedrals to protect the building and preserve its sacred nature “.

Guardini collection

When you go to a presentation of the Guardini collection, you have the opportunity to get to know all the “hands” that worked on the product. For example those of Gabriella Marin, dressmaker, and stylist from Castelfranco Veneto. Each garment built thanks to many different synergies, will be delivered to the customer with an explanatory label and with the name of the person who made it, answering the question “Who Made My Clothes”. Furthermore, since it is a collection made with an archive of the various companies, each item will be numbered, as happens in the art market.

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