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Sustainable fashion: The Responsible Edit by Matchesfashion

Sustainable fashion: The Responsible Edit by Matchesfashion

Is possible to buy online heads of sustainable fashion, created with full respect for the environment and working conditions and the dignity of those who produce them? Yes, come on matchesfashion.com. The well-known e-commerce platform has indeed launched The Responsible Edit, a careful selection of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories produced by brands chosen according to strict criteria and strict rules on sustainability, in line with the new needs of an increasingly attentive clientele, and to guide change.

Sustainable fashion: The Responsible Edit by Matchesfashion
Sustainable fashion: The Responsible Edit by Matchesfashion

Brands must in fact respect at least one of the Key Responsible Pillars by Matchesfashion, the four cornerstones of the e-commerce site for truly responsible fashion, focused on Artisans, People, Charity and Materials.

Brands must prefer work crafts, or have established long-standing relationships with organizations such as UNESCO, and their production teams must consist of more than 50% of craftsmen.

Brands must promote fair working conditions and a guaranteed minimum wage for all people involved, or collaborate with vulnerable groups or individuals whose rights are at risk.

They must cooperate with social, charitable or non-profit organizations, o having internally developed charity programs to support communities.

And use materials which contain more than 50% of res with a low environmental impact, such as responsibly or vintage recycled fabrics, and vegetable alternatives to leather, in addition to bio or vegetable dyes.

Among the brands selected for The Responsible Edit there is STORY mfg. with the AI19 collection. The sustainable fashion brand was born in Great Britain in 2013 from an idea of Saeed Al-Rubeyi and his wife Katy Al-Rubeyi, who, driven by curiosity for the traditional activities of Indian dyers, decided to go directly to the place, eight thousand kilometers from home, to visit the cotton factories and get to know the dyers and weavers craftsmen, discovering, for example, that dye the clothes completely naturally it is a long and complex operation. In the Indian forest they established their atelier, in close contact with this community of expert local craftsmen.

STORY mfg. (mfg stands for manufacturing garments) arises from the need for a more authentic and attentive approach to fashion, in which aesthetics and social and environmental activism coexist in respect for human dignity, guaranteeing a fair wage, mixing traditional and modern techniques using bio fabrics and natural fibers for cruelty-free and vegan garments, 100% biodegradable after use.

And trying to be 100% sustainable, not an easy undertaking. “We are not 100% sustainable. No brand is “, says Saeed, who explains what it means to be really “green” in the “Essays” section of the site. For example, the brand makes new garments with virgin raw materials and ships them around the world in single-use packaging (even if the packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled paper). An honest assessment of one’s business, in contrast to the practices and communication strategies of many companies, often mere “greenwashing”.

There limited-edition AI19 for sale on Matches Fashion for The Responsible Edit includes hand-made and hand-dyed womenswear garments made from natural fiber fabrics (cotton, velvet, linen). A slow fashion for vintage-inspired garments, like tie-dye garments (the shirtdress, bowling shirts, T-shirts and shorts). But also more feminine proposals, including embroidered dresses, maxi skirts in corduroy velvet with floral décor, a vichy gingham dress with ruches, a mini dress in cream-colored cotton with crochet inserts. And a long-sleeved tie-dye T-shirt that sends a strong and clear message: Our Planet is Being Poisoned.

We are still here together”, Saeed and Katy write on their Instagram profile. And this special collection is the result of a teamwork: from the model maker to the dyer, from the tailor to the embroiderer, this is one community close-knit, who will soon return to work at full speed, at the end of this difficult period. Always respecting everyone’s roles and skills, because Saeed and Katy believe that responsible fashion can be a form of social activism, an example for other companies and for future generations of designers, at the basis of our commitment to a better and fairer world.

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