How to Surviving a Spin Class

How to Surviving a Spin Class

If you are looking for an energetic workout, you can’t get much better than a spin class. Spinning, or indoor cycling as it is sometimes known, is a high-intensity form of exercise. That is designed to reduce your legs to jelly after 45 minutes. It isn’t for everyone, but if you want to get fit fast, two or three sessions of spin per week will soon give you iron quads and buttocks of steel.

Survive a Spin Class
Survive a Spin Class

Spin classes are available at most gyms, private and local council run establishments. Standard spin classes are a necessary interval session to music. But fitness centers offer different variations so you can pick and choose what type of spin class you fancy trying. Hardcore fitness fanatics will be able to push their body to the limit with back-to-back courses and if the music is your passion, try a vibe cycle class and feel the burn in time to some top tunes. So how should you prepare for a spin class?

Signing up for a spin class when you can’t even run for the bus without having a coronary is probably not a good idea. In theory, you can take it easy in a spin class if you are very unfit or feeling a bit below par. But since everyone else will be sweating buckets and pushing themselves to the limit, why go there?

Instead build your fitness slowly and wait until you feel reasonable. Confident your body can cope with 45 minutes plus of intense exercise. That way you will enjoy the class instead of hoping for the fire alarm. To go off so you can escape on foot instead of in an ambulance.

The Right Clothing

Spin is hard work, and you will sweat a lot, so wear comfortable clothing made from breathable material. Technical fabrics are best because they wick the moisture away from your skin. Trainers are excellent for your feet, although you may be able to wear cycling shoes with cleats if the spin bikes have the right pedals (check before you go).

Spin Class Accessories

Make sure you take a bottle of water. You will need to drink lots during the class to re-hydrate your body. If you suspect, you might need an energy boost, fill your drink bottle with an energy drink. Take a small towel – you can use this to mop your sweaty face and hands.

Arrive Early

Since spin classes are often likely to have it. It is a good idea to book a spin class well in advance and then arrive early on the day. Beginners are best selecting bikes at the back of the room. So they can follow what everyone else is doing and take it easy if it all gets too much. And if you do start to flag halfway through the class. Don’t feel that you have to push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Take it easy for a few minutes and then get back into the swing of it.

Spin classes are a fantastic way to tone up and lose weight, so give one a try – you never know, you might enjoy it!

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