Survey says: You want a US OnePlus Nord phone

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When OnePlus announced that it would go back to its roots and ship a high-performance mid-range phone in the OnePlus Nord, fans were obviously delighted. However, fans’ hopes in the US were dashed when the company confirmed there would be no US OnePlus Nord.

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To be clear, the company confirmed that there would be other phones in the Nord series that it would bring to the US. However, OnePlus hasn’t officially announced such a phone yet.

That got us thinking: Are you excited about the possibility of a US OnePlus Nord? What about one that would compete directly with the Google Pixel 4a and the iPhone SE? We conducted one of our usual online surveys to find out how our readers felt about it. The results are shown below.

US OnePlus North Budget Phone Survey Results

There were four possible answers to a simple question: would you buy a OnePlus Nord under $ 400? The possible answers were:

  • Yes immediately
  • Yes, if the specs were decent
  • No, I wouldn’t buy a first generation model
  • No, I am not interested

You can see the results in the pie charts above. Interestingly, there are some notable differences between the survey we conducted here Android Authority and the same poll on twitter. It seems that a lot more Twitter users are not interested in a US OnePlus Nord, at least compared to our readers here.

Regardless, the two surveys make it clear that the majority of people are at least interested in a OnePlus Nord, regardless of whether it buys immediately or is waiting for a data sheet. Conversely, the lowest number of people in the US would not buy a Nord because it is a first generation device. Apparently, that’s not a determining factor for too many of you.

Some of your comments

As usual, the poll results only tell part of the story. Below are some comments from you about a US OnePlus Nord that we should highlight.

No. Instead, keep making OnePlus 7 Pro for $ 399. Why can’t everyone come up with this brilliant idea?

@ dparag14
They do hard reboots randomly (look up). I’m glad I didn’t buy one.

Yes, if it has good specs I can go back to OnePlus.

@ im_karma95
Although it has better specs, I don’t know if I can part with Samsung.

Andrew Zuo
Only if they add a headphone jack.

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