Superstore: 10 Of Cheyenne’s Most Hilarious Quotes

All of the characters in Superstore are hilarious in their own way. No matter what sense of humor viewers have, there’s bound to be a character that appeals to everyone. The series is a great watch for those who know the difficulties of working in retail and can open the eyes of those who don’t.

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Cheyenne Lee was in her senior year of high-school and expecting a baby at the start of the show. She worked at Cloud 9 part-time, and given that most of the cast is made up of adults, Cheyenne provided a different perspective. Because of her fun, but unique personality, Cheyenne has some of the most ludicrous one-liners in the series.

10 “My Great-Grandmother Died Of [Old Age]. Her Mom Too. Bad Genes, I Guess.”

Cheyenne Lee in the Cloud 9 break room in Superstore.

During one of Superstore’s cold opens, Jonah and Glenn find a man napping on one of the display couches. The bad news is that the man wasn’t asleep and his body fell over as soon as Jonah poked him. Scarily enough, that man wasn’t the first or last person to die in the store.

Later in the show, they even find someone who had died in the wall. Dina tells the employees that he probably died of old age, and Cheyenne says that happens in her family, which she believes is a result of bad genes.

9 “Attention Shoppers, The Store Is Now Closed. Not Like, ‘Bring Your Items To The Front Closed.’ I Mean Like, ‘Get The Hell Out.'”

Cheyenne Lee in the Superstore episode

The day after Thanksgiving at Cloud 9 was one of the worst days in the history of retail. The employees were all at the store before the sun came up and everyone brought a meal to get them ready for the day. Black Friday is hard enough to handle on its own, but the entire staff ended up getting food poisoning, and the customers ran wild in the store.

But the employees didn’t give up and the moment the store hit closing time, Cheyenne had no problem letting shoppers know they were no longer welcome.

8 “Don’t Worry. I Only Told My Baby And She’s Not Going To Tell Anybody. She Doesn’t Have Any Friends.”

Cheyenne talks to Mateo in Superstore.

When Mateo tries to tell Cheyenne that he’s an illegal immigrant, she mistakingly thinks that his big secret is that he’s dating Jeff. Since Jeff works for corporate, their relationship could get him in big trouble, so they do their best to hide it.

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But Cheyenne is good at picking up on things, and it didn’t take long for her to find out about Mateo and Jeff’s secret romance. She assures him that the only person who knows is her daughter, and she doesn’t have any friends to tell.

7 “I Had To Pee For Two Hours And Now I Don’t Anymore. Where Did The Pee Go Jonah?!”

Cheyenne Lee on her break in Superstore.

The “Curbside Pickup” episode of Superstore is one of the most chaotic installments of the series. When the store begins to offer the new service, orders come in faster than the employees can fill them.

Cheyenne is stuck running back and forth with no break, and even though she had to pee two hours ago, she’s running on too much adrenaline to feel it anymore. In a panic, she asks Jonah where the pee could have possibly gone.

6 “I Catfished My School Nurse, And She Ended Up Moving To Australia To Meet A Picture Of Michael Fassbender When He Was Younger.”

Cheyenne Lee in the Cloud 9 break room in Superstore.

Cheyenne might be sweet, but she’s also a typical teenager who enjoys messing with authority. When a box of fruit goes missing on Halloween, Dina refuses to let anyone leave the story until someone confesses to the crime.

Cheyenne insists that it wasn’t her, but she tells her co-workers that she can still be edgy. She did catfish her school nurse, and she works at a smoothie stand on the beach now.

5 “Personally, I’m Not A Feminist. I Just Think Men And Women Should Be Treated Equally.”

Superstore Cheyenne and Bo spin-off

In an extremely refreshing episode, Superstore manages to be both funny and informative by discussing how women are still affected by sexism in their everyday lives. During a meeting in the break room, Cheyenne tells everyone that she’s not a feminist.

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Amy is confused and asks Cheyenne what she means, and Cheyenne tells her that she just thinks men and women should be equal. This is addressing the incorrect notion that feminism is about superiority, and Amy shuts that down when she tells Cheyenne that equality is what feminism is all about.

4 “I Don’t Know About You Guys, But COVID Has Been Like Super Annoying For Me.”

While it obviously affected everyone, Cheyenne wasn’t wrong when she said the pandemic has been super annoying. When Cloud 9 starts to change its procedures in a way that threatens the safety of its workers, Cheyenne happily assumes that COVID has come to an end.

Of course, that’s not the case, as corporate just doesn’t care what happens to the employees if it benefits their pockets.

3 “I’m Okay. I Think I Hit Something With My Car, But I Was Too Tired To Check.”

Cheyenne rests her head on Bo's shoulder

Most people are in a daze after getting up early, but Cheyenne was a little too far gone on the morning after Thanksgiving. She looked pretty worse for wear, but she assured everyone that she was okay even if she was too tired to see what she ran over in the road.

It’s still hard not to wonder what Cheyenne hit with her car that day. Hopefully, if it was a person, there would’ve been a story about it in the news by now.

2 “Jonah, Was It Weird Being One Of Two People Inside Of Amy?”

Cheyenne And Mateo smile at each other

When Jonah and Amy have sex in the store, they don’t realize that there’s a camera in the room live-streaming the video to all the Cloud 9’s in the world. Their co-workers end up seeing a lot more of them than they should, and they have an employee meeting to get everything out in the open.

Amy was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child at the time, and Cheyenne takes the opportunity to ask some odd questions.

1 “At Least I Don’t Look Like Someone Put A Pixar Character Into A Microwave.”

Cheyenne and Mateo hang out on the clock in Superstore.

No one wants Cheyenne and Mateo to fight, but the insults they throw at each other almost always make it worth it. Mateo tries to tell Cheyenne how to do her job, even though she’s already doing it well, and he doesn’t congratulate her for excelling at the position.

This leads to a battle between the duo, and because they know how to press each other’s buttons, their mockeries were often hilariously on-point.

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