Superman & Batman’s Craziest Crossover Just Broke Their

Batman and Superman just crossed over in the most insane way by tearing a rift through reality itself in the latest issue of Batman/Superman!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Batman/Superman #16!

In Batman/Superman #16, the parallel lives of Batman and Superman collide in ridiculous ways. The entire issue is told through two old strips of film, seeing the two separate stories of Man of Steel and the Dark Knight side by side. It’s inventive and can be read in many different ways. It’s like two comic books in one. However, both alternate Earth’s eventually converge in a shocking turn of events, blending the storylines.

In the aftermath of Dark Nights: Death Metal’s conclusion, everything has changed and this comic might just be the epitome of how far DC Comics could go, in terms of Omniverse crossovers. In this issue, Superman is aided by familiar faces, yet he sports his classic Golden Age costume. Whilst Batman chases after the Joker, Penguin, and a new villain named Spider Lady. Also, he too wears his classical Bat-suit. The parallel realities are strange and somewhat disconnected, yet it’s clear there’s something greater simmering under the surface, linking the two.

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In Batman/Superman #16 by Gene Luen Yang, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Sabine Rich, Batman and Superman’s alternate realities collide in a shocking twist. A transdimensional tear, in reality, is caused when an evil, hulked-out version of Alfred from Superman’s world clicks a button on his belt. Batman and Robin witness the phenomena, describing it as a burn “through reality itself.” Alfred’s device causes Superman’s film reel to dissolve, tearing a gap in space and time, sending Lois Lane into Batman’s reality.

In a surprising twist, Batman reacts to Lois’s fall, exclaiming “You’re the Spider Lady!” The villainous Spider Lady of Batman’s Earth is an alternate version of Lois. It’s exciting to see Lois get the doppelgänger treatment, as no one would expect Lois to ever be a villain, in any reality. This adds to the shock of how Batman and Superman’s realities converge, adding to readers’ anticipation of what happens next. Batman/Superman #16 is unlike any other recent comic book, it’s unique and will take everyone by surprise.

Back on Earth-0, our normal versions of Batman and Superman fly up into the Thermosphere to check out an anomaly that turns out not to be a fault, but an infestation. They find a Waynetech Satellite overtaken by what looks like old reels of film, which is where this issue’s realities are situated. However, the reels aren’t film at all, they are something completely different.

It looks like Earth-0’s Batman and Superman will put an end to whatever’s truly been happening, as the final page reveals they stumble into “The Archive of Worlds.” There’s potential that the “annihilation” they face for trespassing could lead them into crossing over into the many parallel realities with The Archive of Worlds! Batman/Superman #16 is in comic book shops and on digital platforms now.

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