Superher Set an Example for Becoming Heroic

Superhero stories are often focused on a seemingly “normal” person who faces a significant turning point that leads to the growth of superpowers and a change of heart. Most superheroes learn to think of others before themselves while supervillains make the opposite change. There’s an importance to these superhero origin stories, and this is the lesson that normal people can learn to act heroically. With this in mind, CW’s Stargirl, offers young viewers a chance to watch how a teenage heroine faces real-life dilemmas and situations that seem larger-than-life.

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Heroic Qualities

What are some of the qualities that fans can learn from Stargirl from the television series, led by executive producer, Geoff Johns, and from the comics? Let’s start by focusing on a few heroic qualities:

  • Provide selfless service for others
  • Display extraordinary courage, discipline, strength, skill, etc.
  • Sacrifice their own comfort, freedom, or life for others
  • Have a sense of humility

Depending on who your favorite heroes are, there could be many additions to this list, and it’s probably possible to write out more heroic qualities that describe Stargirl, but these qualities present a reasonable start.

1. Selflessness

When Courtney Whitmore first put on the Starman suit, belt, and staff, she did so with the intent to make fun of her stepfather at a school dance. She’s unhappy that she had to move from California to Nebraska and doesn’t appreciate having a new father. When she faces villains at the dance, however, Courtney, now Stargirl, begins the process of becoming selfless.

2. Excellence

Although the belt and staff provide the extraordinary power that Stargirl uses to fight villains, there’s a lot of attention on Courtney’s efforts to improve her strength and skills. Throughout the series, Whitmore continues to develop discipline and courage, along with many other appropriate characteristics.

3. Sacrifice

One of the main qualities that heroes have had, especially since World War II, is a willingness to sacrifice themselves for others. Heroic men and women often put themselves at risk, willing to suffer personal loss, injuries, heartache, and their lives. Throughout the television series, Stargirl faces many risks that may resonate with her viewers.

4. Humility

Stargirl is a coming-of-age story. So it isn’t unusual to see Courtney Whitmore face many humbling situations. As the teen tries to navigate her new circumstances. Each episode in the series offers chances for viewers to see how Courtney deals with struggles. Also chooses to face situations with either pride or humility.

Real Life Heroism

Although most teens probably won’t face off against mind-reading criminals or a dragon king. They do face frightening and overwhelming situations often. With Stargirl as a superhero role model, young viewers have many opportunities to look for the heroic within themselves and work to develop those qualities.

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