Supergirl Sacrificing Herself In Season 6 Premiere Doesn’t Mean She Will Die

In Supergirl’s season 6 premiere, the Girl of Steel believes she’ll have to sacrifice herself to defeat Lex, but sacrifice doesn’t always mean death.

A key line in the Supergirl season premiere synopsis has viewers worried the Girl of Steel could face her demise to defeat Lex Luthor. The official synopsis states, “Supergirl realizes that the only way to truly stop Lex is to sacrifice herself.” However, sacrificing herself doesn’t necessarily equal death for Supergirl, as the title of the episode “Rebirth” suggests a more transformative cost. For the titular superhero, there is more than one way to describe sacrifice.

Time and again Supergirl has made great sacrifices, and putting everyone else’s needs above her own has been one of the keystones of her personality. In the first season of Supergirl, she flew Fort Rozz into space to stop the Myriad wave from killing everyone, knowing it was a one-way trip because she could not breathe in space. She once fought a hand-to-hand battle with Queen Rhea of Daxam dictated by an old Kryptonian rite to stop the Daxamite invasion of Earth. In season 4, Red Daughter showed that sacrifice was in their shared DNA when she sacrificed herself to save Supergirl. In several of the Arrowverse crossovers too Supergirl has unselfishly made personal sacrifices for the greater good.

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Season 5 of Supergirl wrapped up its story of Lex Luthor and his collaboration with the dangerous Leviathan group, who were seeking to enslave the world. Supergirl left her physical form vulnerable by going into the virtual world of Obsidian Platinum to help people escape. Yet she was not the only one who made a sacrifice as the shortened season ended with Brainy near death after temporarily thwarting most of Leviathan – only to watch helplessly as Lex stole the trapped Gods. “Rebirth,” the first episode of the new season will wrap up those storylines, with Supergirl pondering a great sacrifice to defeat Lex. There are a couple of routes the show could take with this sacrifice that doesn’t mean death, however.

The most likely scenario is Supergirl willingly sacrificing her powers to protect her loved ones and the world, maybe in part to revive Brainy and likely as a final attempt to stop Lex.  A powerless Supergirl would set up the evolution of Kara into a new version of herself, a fitting direction for a final season and a familiar path for a Kryptonian hero. In Superman II Clark Kent gave up his powers so he could be with Lois Lane, while in the Crisis crossover, the Smallville Clark appears to have given up his powers for his family. Whether she loses them or gives them up freely, Supergirl’s separation from her powers would be a suitably emotional note to begin the new season.

Supergirl sacrificing her powers also offers a likely explanation for the episode’s title, “Rebirth,” which could also be a nod to the Rebirth comic series which included the character losing her powers. “Rebirth” could also apply to a wide range of characters, including Brainy coming back from near-death but his resurrected self is different; it could also reference Alex Danvers entering a new stage of her life as a protector and private investigator.

Supergirl’s premiere episode “Rebirth” will tee up another great sacrifice from the show’s heroine. Time and again, characters on Supergirl have made heroic, costly choices. Alex sacrificed her memories to protect her sister, J’onn sacrificed his identity and his freedom for the Danvers sisters, while Brainy was willing to die to defeat Leviathan. Supergirl has shown there are many ways to sacrifice for the greater good and while it’s possible Kara’s sacrifice could cost her her life, it’s not likely to happen.

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