Stunning Arabic Mehndi Designs for a Gorgeous Back Hand

As a mehndi artist, I would like to highlight the beauty of Arabic Mehndi Designs for the back hand. Arabic designs have always been popular because of their intricate patterns and unique creativity. These designs are especially significant for special occasions like weddings and festivals because they represent prosperity and good luck. The designs are usually composed of floral motifs, vines, and geometric shapes, which symbolize different aspects of life like growth, beauty, and protection.

Before starting the mehndi design, the artist needs henna paste of high quality. For the best results, it is recommended to use natural henna paste, which has no chemical additives and gives a deep and rich color after drying. The artist should also gather a cotton ball, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. These ingredients help enhance the color and longevity of the mehndi design.

Here are 10 best Arabic Mehndi Designs for the backhand:

1. Paisley Design- The paisley design is a classic pattern that includes intricate curves and bold paisley shapes. This design is perfect for beginners to get started with Arabic mehndi designs.

2. Floral Vine Design- The floral vine design is a simple but elegant pattern that includes a combination of small flowers and vines. This design is often used on the wrist, but it also looks beautiful on the backhand.

3. Peacock Design- The peacock design is a popular choice for brides. This design includes the impressive and colorful peacock, surrounded by intricate patterns, and it represents love and beauty.

4. Geometric Design- The geometric design is composed of a combination of intricate shapes that create a unique pattern. This design is perfect for those who love modern and abstract art.

5. Bracelet Design- The bracelet design is usually created in a circular shape around the wrist, highlighting a rich and organic mehndi pattern. This design looks elegant and sophisticated.

6. Mandala Design- The mandala design is often inspired by sacred geometry. The design includes intricate patterns that vary in size and complexity and is perfect for those who love symmetry and balance.

7. Arabic Lettering- Arabic lettering is another beautiful and popular trend in mehndi designs. This design includes Arabic calligraphy that conveys a meaningful message like love, peace, or a blessing.

8. Simple Hand Design- The simple hand design is perfect for those who want a minimalist approach to mehndi art. This design includes patterns that are elegant in their simplicity, yet still impactful.

9. Net Design- The net design is composed of an intricate pattern that looks like delicate lacework. This design is perfect for those who want a more subtle yet impactful design.

10. Sunflower Design- The sunflower design includes beautiful sunflowers that are surrounded by intricate patterns. Sunflowers are symbolically known for their warm and inviting nature, making this design perfect for those who want to convey positivity and happiness.

For beginners, start by creating small dots and lines that gradually connect, creating a beautiful pattern. It is recommended to practice on paper before starting the design on the skin. For precise lines, hold the henna paste cone at a consistent angle and pressure. While filling in the spaces, use a cotton ball dipped in sugar syrup and gently dab on the design to enhance its color.

In conclusion, Arabic Mehndi Designs for the backhand represent a wealth of symbolism, and their intricate patterns are beautiful to admire and replicate. With natural henna paste, patience, and a steady hand, beginners can learn to create beautiful patterns and design. It is highly recommended to practice on paper and hone one’s skills before attempting a full design on skin.

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