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Street photography and take one step ahead

Street photography and take one step ahead

Street photography includes a lot of creativity, passion and dedication. You can capture unusual moments, emotions through your lens. Candid shots always catch your lens when the subject is unaware of the next click. Patience is something that will lead you to a better street photographer and you can easily connect with your subject and theme. Here are the following tips that will make you the best in street photography:

Street photography
Street photography by Rudolf Vlček @ Flickr

Let go the fear of people

Do you think people will scold you if you click photos of them? Are you feared of unknown people around you? Let go that fear from inside. Everything has a first day and if you have passion for this photography, then take your camera and randomly click pictures that attracts your lens. Once you are on the street, you will become confident. Some people may react weird with your behavior and will ask you why are you taking pictures? Be polite and honest and be vocal about your thoughts and ideas. You may ask permission, but sometimes permission kills the candid moment. If such moment appears to you, just smile and bow down your head.

Find your moment

When you are with your camera, you know the moment to capture. Every photographer has their own moment. Some capture the emotions; some capture the regular lives, and some captures the activities of people on the streets. So, the moment that attracts you become your subject and you must follow on the same track.

Wait for right moment

Patience is a big thing for photographers if they want to capture their candid shot. When you have set your light, angle and location, you just wait for the right subject to enter in your lens and you immediately click the picture. And, you say this is it!


Latest technology has come up for photographers to capture long distance moment within a second. But, it is advisable to capture the close-up moment of people. It gives intense to your subject and you feel confident in your click.  If you think people will not allow you to click his or her image, then take a panoramic view with your camera and once your camera get the flick of the subject just click the moment. So, you will get some excellent shots that will make your day.

Nothing is perfect

A whole day will pass and you will find that you have not clicked any candid pictures. Don’t be sad because some days may not be good and street photography is not always perfect. You need to continue with your passion to get the right picture. Sometime, you find that some images are really very attractive, but technically when you check they have fault. In that case, you have to reject those pictures.

Following these tips can make you a better, confident, smart and popular street photographer. Hit the street with your camera and click some beautiful moments on the streets. A right “click” will make your entire day.

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