Street Food In Bangkok That You Just Cannot Miss In 2020

Street food in Bangkok: Spicy, flavored and affordable, street food is something that has developed a cult status among people. Trying street food not only helps one uncover the journey behind, but also gives time to chat with local vendors and hawkers. You will find that Bangkok is no different to know how street food changes in every new country, city or town.

The culinary discovery around the streets of Bangkok will help you discover many such hidden gems, which will surely saturate the taste buds. In order to quench the thirst of every eater, we cooked some very attractive ways Street food in Bangkok Which every world traveler should try.Try on your next tour to 7 Street Foods Bangkok

The city is called the “Land of Smiles”, the city has a lot to offer other than grand temples and grand architecture. The city’s gastronomical charm weaves a unique story that makes the entire journey more delicious for every pioneer. Bangkok’s street food has dishes that express authenticity. We all know that good food acts as a natural getaway to feed the soul and thus plays a major role in people’s lifestyle. Thus the following list contains novel dishes of Bangkok for all those who are related to culinary singing.

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1. Pad Thai

This colorful dish is not only one of Bangkok’s popular street food, but also a casual meal in Bangkok. Stir-fried rice noodles are served with green cilantro, yellow lemon and shrimp. An interesting story is also associated with the dish. To counter the shortage of rice, national cuisine made headlines when noodles were introduced in the country’s cuisine. Since then this dish became an instant hit with people and still maintains its heritage. The sour, salty, spicy and sweet dish is an amalgamation of various flavors that magically mix and burst into the mouth.

Recommended Location:

The best place is at Pad Thai Thip Samai, located in the quarters of the old city. Other places have this exotic place of happiness
1. Bain Pad Thai, 21-23 Charen Krung (Soi 44), Bangkok
2. Pad Thai Ekmai, Sukhmavit 63 Soi 19, Bangkok
3. Pad Thai Mae M, 2227 Rama IV Road, Khwang Khalong Toi, Bangkok
4. Rosbeing Restaurant, 102/5 Thanon Kampheng Phet 5, Khwang Samson Nai, Faya Thai District, Bangkok.
cost: Starting from INR 140 -INR 470.

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2. Thai Boat Noodles

Initially this dish was sold on boats, earning its unique moniker. The road version is no different today as it is still found at various stalls near the river. The dish can be customized with a choice of noodles and soup. Served in small bowls, there is nothing like enjoying this lip-smack treatment with a view of the riverbank. And yes the dish is so delectable that we guarantee that you won’t stop in just one bowl. A must try street food in Bangkok, this dish is the ultimate Thai dish to try in the city.

Recommended Location: The best place Thai boat noodles are served near the Vijay Memorial boat noodle street.
Time: 10:30 M – 9 p.m.
cost: Starting from INR 47.

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3. Thai Steamed Dumplings

Who doesn’t enjoy some hot dumplings on the go? The Thai version is a more delicious affair and will not disappoint you. Hot dumplings are filled with water chestnuts, crab meat, pork, and shrimp. The entire filling is specially wrapped and served in a dough wrapper. A perfect example of street food in Bangkok, the Kanom jib will definitely be a delight for the taste buds. Enjoy this guilty pleasure while traveling the city and pack something else for the journey ahead.
Recommended Location: A very popular street food, these dumplings are very ubiquitous in every street stall in Bangkok.
Time: 5 P.M.-2 M.
cost: Between INR 35-INR 70.

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4. Spicy Papaya Salad

It is time to get out of Bangkok’s most popular salad. The salad consists of sour and spicy papaya which is flavored with lemongrass to enhance flavor. The entire dish is then topped with dried shrimp, fish sauce, sweet tomatoes and crunchy peanuts. Another main attraction of this dish is its low calorie count due to which even health conscious people can find it. A highly Instagram worthy dish, this salad is one of the favorite dishes among street food in Bangkok.

Recommended Location:

The best place to get Som Tam is in Chatuchak Weekend Market and also at the following places:
1. Mon Tam Nua, 392/14 Siam Square, Paitham Van, Bangkok
2. Baan Somtam, 9 / 1C Wayang, Bang Rock, Bangkok
3. Sabaizai Kebatawan, 65 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Vadhana, Bangkok
4. Ban E-san Moong Yose, 19 / 3-5 Sukhmavit 31, Vadhana, Bangkok to get there: A boat can take the BTS train to Vijay Smarak station to go to Noodle street.
Time: 9 Am-5 Pm (Weekend Market).
cost: Starting at INR 82.

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5. Thai Green Curry

It is another well-known star of Thai cuisine. Thai curry was generally invented by Indian expatriates on the streets of Bangkok several years ago and is naturally one of the most popular street food in Bangkok. Since then culinary pleasure has been a staple food for the people of the country. Made with brinjal, basil, green chilli, the lime gives a beautiful green coloration of the curry which is extremely tasty. The subtle curry of curry not only works wonders for the taste buds, but also helps in lowering cholesterol and curing cold. A must-try dish for Thailand for all food lovers!

Recommended Location:

The best places for Thai curry are Krua Apsorn and Baan Glom Gig
Time: 10:30 M – 8 P.M.
cost: Starting at INR 211.

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6. Coconut Ice Cream

After indulging in a lot of dishes from spicy to salty, now is the time to get some desserts. Far from ordinary, this coconut ice cream is served in neatly chopped coconut. The heavenly creation is so breathtaking that one cannot escape trying. The dessert is made with coconut milk and served with boiled corn kernels and peanuts. Delicious food served with the goodness of nature, this street food in Bangkok is a must for everyone.
Recommended Location: Jim Thompson House and local vendors on the street.
Time: 9 m – 6 p.m.
cost: Between INR 28-INR 46.

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7. Tom Yum

The menu list of exclusive Thai dishes cannot be understood without mentioning this exotic delight. Soup is the Thai version of Hot and Sure and a staple staple of street food in Bangkok. While tom refers to boiling yam refers to a spicy salad. The stock uses fresh herbs of lime grass and galangal and crushed peppers, fish sauce and shrimp are added as the tempering. One of the most popular dishes, this treatment is an absolute winner and will be tried by everyone visiting the country.
Recommended Location: 10/1 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khalong Toi, Rungreg in Bangkok.
2. Bam Khun Mae at Siam Square, Pithum Wan, Bangkok.

Time: 9 MM – 2 P.M.
cost: Between INR 117-INR 234.

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Food has been an important part of every journey from the beginning. The never ending quest for tasty treats made food lovers search for locals all over the world which is a win for all. Bangkok has a healthy mix of various types of spices, vegetables and meat outside of street food.

The gastronomical journey to uncover the major delights in the city will always lead one to discover a hidden culinary treasure. To join hands for the best local cuisine in the country, we suggest that you immediately plan a trip to Bangkok and gorge on some of these aforementioned roadside gems.

Frequently Asked Questions about Street Foods in Bangkok

Q. Where can I eat street food in Bangkok?

a. Street food in Bangkok is as diverse as the city’s expansion. One can find local food on almost every street corner adjusted to one’s taste.

Q. Is it safe to eat street food in Bangkok?

a. Yes, it is safe. When you dine on the street, you are more likely to be served fresh food and watch it get ready, both of which work towards a healthy start.

Q. What is the famous food in Bangkok?

a. Pad Thai, coconut ice cream, papaya salad, and tom yum soup are some of Bangkok’s famous dishes.

Q. How many street food stalls are there in Bangkok?

a. Bangkok alone has an average of over 2,00,000 street vendors, accounting for 37% of food vendors.

Q. What is the healthiest Thai food?

a. Papaya salad, Thai curry, and tom yum soup are the healthiest of all dishes in Thailand.

Q. What is the national dish of Thailand?

a. Pad Thai is the national dish of the country and is enjoyed by people on a daily note.

Q. How much does an average meal cost in Thailand?

a. An average meal costs between INR 211 – INR 352. The cost of seafood is high and a plate of noodles in a basic restaurant is about 235.

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