Stranger Things Season 4 Review – In The Beginning, the Best Movie You Could Say is Done

Stranger Things Season 4 Review – In The Beginning, the Best Movie You Could Say is Done

The fourth season of the Netflix TV show Stranger Things is filled with something for everyone. In this episode, Dustin deals with a new girl who doesn’t want to talk much and who is a fan of his music. She is drawn to him because he has an appealing voice. His friend Mike comes to his rescue.

In this episode, Dustin has to make sure that everything is in order before he leaves for his holiday. He makes a plan to attend some performances of his favorite band. He arrives at the show and meets Joyce Byers, one of the core members of the local police force.

Stranger Things Season 4

When Joyce appears at her house to inform her of the strange noise outside, she invites Sean James and Lucas in. The two kids are surprised to find a Halloween display in their front yard. Joyce asks them what happened, and they explain to her that they were playing with a painting. One of the children told a rumor, which prompted the other kid to tell him a scary story.

Joyce wants to know how they knew this story. This mystery sends the two young adults to the police station to see if there is any record of any investigation. An official there notes that the paint company hadn’t filed a complaint about the incident. Dustin notices that the department is understaffed and questions the head of the department on how this happened.

The department leader says that he never dealt with anything like this before, and the negative energy from one story changed the way they did their job. They didn’t follow protocol, and now the police force feels vulnerable. Joyce says she can help to make them feel better by changing their face. She invites the group to her place for dinner, but it turns out that her place is also haunted.

Joyce moves into a brother’s house, which is almost perfect. As Dustin enters her house, he realizes that there is no electricity. He calls for help, but it is too late.

Before she leaves for the night, she looks at her watch. She realizes that she needs to leave early. She finds her keys and realizes that she can escape her brother’s house. She escapes to the street and sees that the ground is covered with sand.

Dustin and Mike arrive at Joyce’s home to find that it is dark and cold. They believe that it was raining overnight. Joyce tells them that she only was gone for a few hours. Her dad suggested that she move in with her sister, but Joyce said that her father thought that this was too difficult for her. Joyce tells the group that she knows something is wrong with her father, but she doesn’t know what it is.

They all asked Joyce if her father ever said anything about him wanting to move out of the brother’s house. Joyce says that the brothers have always talked about moving away. She thinks that her father wants to move because of the secret she told.

In the morning, Joyce’s father invites them to go fishing on the lake. Sean and Lucas notice a man, who looks similar to Joyce’s father, making the rounds. They go with Joyce’s father to talk to the man. A different police officer arrives at Joyce’s house and tells her to wait because there is a large search party for her.

When Joyce’s father finally goes back inside, Alexander encounters a guy who he believed to be Dustin’s friend. Dustin asks the man if he can use his phone. Dustin checks the address and discovers that it is a joke address. When Dustin tries to call the phone number, he learns that it is actually an answering machine.

The story ends as Dustin heads home, leaving the kids to discuss what he had seen. Joyce is happy that she was able to keep her secret, but the police officer reminds her that he did not give Joyce his name or his badge number. so they both call Dustin to see if he recognizes his friend.

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