10 Strange Phobias People Actually Have

10 Strange Phobias People Actually Have
Strange Phobias

10 Strange Phobias People Actually Have

Strange Phobias: We’ve heard about many fears or phobias that people hold, including fears of enclosed spaces, dogs, snakes, and flying. But there are a few odd phobias that are very different from what you might think that people have.

Strange Phobias
Strange Phobias


Xanthophobia entails a fear of the color yellow. This entails anything from the sun to leaves to flowers. It is one of many color-related fears that people have. Some of these fears are triggered due to people having negative experiences with things relating to those colors.


You would think that otters are adorable, but that is not the case for those with lutraphobia. Lutraphobia is a fear of otters. This may be due to a person being bit by an otter in the past.


Chirophobia is a general fear of hands. This may be due to arthritis or other conditions that might impact the hands. A person could have worries about trying to touch things or getting in touch with others for whatever reason.


Turophobia entails a fear of cheese. This may be triggered by the person having difficulties with consuming cheeses for whatever reason. But this is kind of unusual based on how a person could develop panic from seeing even the smallest bit of cheese.


People often try to get away from it all, but those with nomophobia cannot do this. These people have a fear of not having proper cellular phone coverage. A person who loses battery power or proper signals could develop a concern.


Globophobia is a fear of balloons. The fear often entails what can happen if a balloon is popped. The uncertainty that comes with one of these balloons popping after it is inflating can lead to people becoming panicked and worried about what might happen.


It is interesting as to how some people have fears of specific individuals. Papaphobia is one such concern, as it is the fear of the Catholic pope. This may be due to a fear of people who are in such power like the pope.


Pogonophobia is a fear of a beard. This is where a person is afraid of the hair that comes with a beard and the general struggles that come with trying to maintain it.


The concept of arachibutyrophobia is one of the more interesting concerns that may people might experience. But it is a threat that can be very significant to many people based on how they eat peanut butter. The fear entails getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of one’s mouth. People are afraid of the uncomfortable things that can happen when this fear comes about.


It is amusing that hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia would be the word for a fear of long words. The fear often develops due to a person struggling to pronounce or read a word. The fear may be common among those who speak in public or those who might have struggled in a classroom setting with such words. The difficulties that come with trying to pronounce or read something can be significant. But the embarrassment of failing to read something can be worse.

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