Still Stuck At Home? Renovate For Wellness

Despite the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, we’re all entering 2021 facing lasting changes and continued isolation. This is the result, not just of the ongoing pandemic, but of permanent shifts in how we work, specifically in the form of the split office. 

Given that business executives plan to continue expanding remote work programs, then, it’s critical that everyone spend some time considering their home environment, and ensure that it meets your health and wellness needs. This may require some renovations, but will be beneficial in the long-run, and you’ll appreciate that you took the time to make these modifications.

Separate Your Work Space

Of all the things you can do to improve your health and wellness, one of the most important is to ensure that you have a separate place to do you work. This doesn’t need to be an entire home office if you don’t have the room for that, but it should be a defined area like a small table or corner of a room where you go when it’s time to work. This will help your brain switch into productivity mode and let you get more done during the day, while also ensuring that, by working from home, you’re not inadvertently in work mode all the time.

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Make Space To Move

One of the biggest home renovation trends of 2020 was an increase in the number of homeowners purchasing home gym equipment and transforming their basements and spare rooms into workout areas. As with setting up a home office space, though, you don’t need to go all in on this process and build a full home gym. Rather, it’s more important that you prioritize having a space for some type of movement or meditation, whatever that means for you.

So, what kind of options do you have when making room for physical wellness? Just as some are able to get by with a tiny corner of home office, some people are content with having a meditation pillow and yoga mat that they can pull out as needed. However, others require a more consistent reminder to take care of their bodies and may prefer to install full-length mirrors like traditional studios have, while setting aside enough room to leave out their equipment. 

Emphasize Air Quality

Unless you or a family member have significant respiratory problems, you’ve likely never thought much about your home’s air quality, but if you do a little research, you might be surprised by what you find. That’s because most homes actually have quite poor air quality, whether from exposure to radon, mold, or VOCs. A whole house ventilation system, along with targeted treatment for problems like mold, represents the best solution for eliminating these contaminants, but simple measures like letting in fresh air – as long as you don’t live somewhere with poor outdoor air quality – can go a long way.

Indoor Air Quality

Because of the problems with indoor air quality, you’ll often find that wellness-focused interior designers emphasize adding plants to your spaces, and you don’t need to have a green thumb to benefit from this strategy. Plants do a great job detoxifying the air, and may even lift your mood in the process, plus popular choices like spider plants are fairly difficult to kill, even if you’re not generally a trustworthy plant owner.

There’s no single set of modifications that will serve everyone working from home, but given how much our home lives have changed in the past year, it’s worth considering what changes would help you thrive. Even when you can head back to your favorite coffee shop or into the office part time, your home is likely to continue playing a role in your professional life – so make it work for you.

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