Steph And Ayesha Curry Have Served 15 Million (And Counting) Meals A Week To Bay Area Families In Need During The Pandemic

Is there a more loving couple in pro sports than Steph and Ayesha Curry? Add to their cute-as-a-button and ex-daughter Riley, and who likes Up. There is no more trustworthy, compassionate, charitable, fun couple on or off the court than the Curry family. So it should not come as a surprise that Charan and Ayesha are giving their community big time during the coronovirus epidemic. Back in April the “San Francisco Chronicle” reported that Curry’s foundation is Eat.Learn.Play. The East Bay of San Francisco was serving 300,000 meals a week to needy families. At the time, he served more than one million meals. Now, almost a year later, Curis is still on it and his foundation has served more than 15 million meals to needy families in his community.

The Eat.Learn.Play Foundation pays struggling restaurants and other foodie businesses to prepare free meals for families and such people. According to the Foundation’s recently released 2020 fourth quarter update, the program has put $ 20 million back into the local economy. It has hired more than 900 restaurant workers back in Oakland at a time when many California restaurants are still closed or are only offering takeout and delivery, making Waitstaff redundant.

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But wait! This story gets even more terrible. The Curry foundation gave Jose Andrés and his World Central Kitchen a large grant to fund food from over 130 Shakespearean restaurants. A representative of the World Central Kitchen said: “It’s like we’re feeding restaurants to make sure they can feed the community.”

Although Steph, Ayesha and Riley Curry no longer live in the East Bay, they are still included in the community. Only last month, Ayesha Curry in association with her lifestyle “Sweet Magazine” opened her first retail store, Sweet July Store and Cafe. Located in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, the store sells household items and books and has a coffee bar. Ayesha announced a brick-and-mortar store in September 2020 following the initial launch of her magazine. The Sweet July brand evolved from the design of Atherton, which she and Steph shared with their three children.

Curvy launched its Eat.Play.Learn. Foundation on 18 July 2019. One of the first projects to lay the foundation for the renovation of a basketball court in Oakland. According to the foundation’s website, Eat.Play.Learn. “In uneducated communities the focus is on youth, our job is to ensure that every child has access to three important ingredients in a happy, healthy and successful childhood: nutritious food, from early childhood through college education Quality education, and the opportunity to do sports and be physically active. ”Curlus began his foundation to help improve the lives of children and families in the Oakland, Bay Area and across the country.

Soon after Curious started his foundation, he partnered with Oakland Town Camp, the city’s summer camp for local children. Just their participation and local name recognition doubled the size of the game from 400–500 children to 900–1000 children a day. The Curry Foundation also provided more than 25,000 healthy breakfasts and a $ 50,000 scholarship.

While the Golden State Warriors may have left Oakland for San Francisco, and the Curry family moved from East Bay to Ton Atherton, they did not leave their roots behind and continue to give back to the families of Oakland and East Bay for their philanthropy And their hearts.

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